The Study Abroad Portal is here to help you with your destination research!

It is very exciting to know that the entire world is on your feet and you are free to choose the country of your preference for your studies. The great variety and the endless options can make your decision difficult though.
In this case, The Study Abroad Portal is here to help you with your destination research.  Would you like to study a master in Sweden, an MBA in Canada or a PhD in Germany? Here some advice that you should consider.
When looking to make the right decision about the country of your studies, there are a lot of parameters that you should take into account, but these are the main ones that most of the prospective students consider when doing their research about their studies abroad:

  • Climate – Depending on the program, you will be spending some years of your life in your new country, so it would be ideal to choose a place that fits with your climate expectations.
  • Life style – The same applies for the way of life. It doesn’t matter if the lifestyle is completely new to you, as this will broaden your multicultural communication skills. What matters though, is you to feel at ease in your new country and have a good and creative time.
  • Life cost –  Do think of the life costs as this is an important factor of the everyday life quality. Depending on your personal needs and your financial situation, you can always undertake a part time job, but you should have a clear image of the life expense’s in advance so you can plan ahead.
  • Geographic location –  If you like getting around, think about the trip options that you’ll have and the variety of the new countries that you’ll be able to visit. Some countries offer great travelling opportunities, whereas some others are ideal for internal tourism.

Of course, you don´t need to tick all the boxes and some flexibility is always required.  In any case, the program content, the quality of the university and the prospect job opportunities are also very important criteria to be considered.
To find out more about the countries of your interest and get the answers to the above questions, join the free interactive webinars of your choice and let your future begin.