Become a key player of the digital revolution with a Bachelor + Master program at EPITECH Barcelona.

Expert in Information Technology

Duration: 1 hour

EPITECH has been the leading IT university in France for 20 years, and has open 2 years ago a campus in Barcelona, as it is one of the greatest digital hubs in Europe, and nicest cities to live in.

Our Bachelor+ Master program relies on innovative project-based learning methods, internships in leading IT companies, one year of international experience, and a powerful innovation ecosystem.

Our students are provided with the highest technical skills, but also trained to develop soft skills and entrepreneurship mentality, which make them particularly attractive for companies worldwide.

Studying at Epitech Barcelona you will take part to the latest technological advances occurring in areas like artificial intelligence, videogames, virtual reality, big data, robotics , etc. This webinar will be useful for students who have finished high school and are interested in digital technology, for students and parents who are looking for a more practical and effective way of studying computer science.

  • The current state of IT sector
  • Information about studying in Barcelona
  • Epitech´s unique value proposition
  • Admission process 
  • Laure MicheletAdministration and Students’ support Officer