Become a part of finding a solution to one of the biggest issues of our time – study Sustainable Energy Systems at Mälardalen University in Sweden

Master’s in Sustainable Energy Systems

Duration: 1 hour

The need for sustainable and renewable energy sources is massive. So is also the demand for engineers specialised in the energy field. At Mälardalen University you will acquire the competence and have a good life as a student while you’re at it. The Master’s programme in Sustainable Energy Systems is based on the latest research and gives you the skills and knowledge you need, the rest is up to you.

You decide who to become – decide on Mälardalen University.

SEK 135 000
  • Why Mälardalen University?
  • Programme content and requirements
  • Alumni examples
  • Application process
  • Questions & Answers
  • Prajwal H RamakrishnaProgramme representative
  • Yully Costanza Rincon FrancoStudent
31 August 2020