Link tree planting to your University: Case study Avans University x Life Terra Foundation

Life Terra tree planting for graduates

GreenOffice students Lisa Heyman and Nick den Bol of Avans University of Applied Sciences had a big dream: to give a tree as a gift to all graduates and to create a new forest with it. To help nature recover and to make Avans education CO2-neutral in the long run. The dreams did not stop there. Lisa and Nick sought cooperation with the Life Terra Foundation; in July 2021, the first 4,000 graduates received a graduation tree as a gift. The newly planted forest will grow to 100,000 trees in the coming years.


Join this Webinar to learn about this Case-study and see how also your University can help in battling climate change and restoring the earth, 1 tree at a time.

Via individuals can adopt a tree for 5 euro, companies/universities can reach out to for customized options.
  • Lisa HeymanStudent Avans University of Applied Sciences
  • Sarah WiltonDirector Avans University of Applied Sciences
  • Limore NoachDirector Life Terra Foundation