Discover Nankai-Glasgow Joint Graduate School, Get a Dual masters Degree in Urban & Regional Planning 、Environmental Science、International Relations or Translation Studies, Find your career path in Tianjin ,China.

Nankai-Glasgow Dual Masters Degree in Urban & Regional Planning, in Environmental Science, in International Relations, and in Translation Studies

Duration: 1 hour

Nankai-Glasgow Joint Graduate School offers you the opportunity to experience the exciting city of Tianjin, China and to graduate in two years with postgraduate degrees from both the University of Glasgow and Nankai University.

Teaching and assessment is in English and you will benefit from the research and teaching of academics from both institutions. In short, we can offer you the best features of the UK and Chinese university systems, and a choice of subjects that draw on strengths at both institutions.

This webinar is intended for students with at least Bachelor degree in any related field of study including Economics、Management、Environmental Science 、Political Science and Chinese Language and Culture and fluency in English.

¥50,000 OR € 402
  • General Information about Nankai-Glasgow Joint Graduate School
  • Program Overview and why this program?
  • Career Prospects and success of our alumni
  • Admission requirements for the program
  • Student life Experience in Tianjin ,China.
  • Prof. Fabrice RenaudProgramme convenor
  • Dr. Enza De FrancisciProgramme convenor
  • Dr. Amini KameteProgramme convenor
  • Student Astudent
Chinese Government Scholarship(Full) Tianjin Government Scholarship(Partial & Full) Nankai Schoarship(Partial & Full)
May 30th, 2019
September 2, 2019