Earn a master’s degree in Digital Business, Marketing or Finance in Spain. Become a leader of digital era

Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance; Master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, Master in Digital Business

Duration: 1 hour

We are living in a digital era and this requires bright and talented individuals who are ready to take initiative and prepare themselves for their future by studying digitally. Traditional careers are evolving, careers like Finance, Banking, Marketing, and Business are all going the route of Artificial Intelligence. So upcoming leaders and starters must be ready to tackle the digital world head on and further-more bring the creativity, innovation and humanity to be able to combine it with these technological tools.

You can get the opportunity to do so at GBSB Global Business School, where our Master programs in Digital Business, Digital Marketing and Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance open the world to these industries through a digital perspective.

GBSB Global is a worldwide accredited business school with three campuses in Barcelona, Madrid & Online. Studying in Spain not only allows for an amazing cultural and study abroad experience, but these Spanish cities are becoming start up hubs and eco systems for entrepreneurship. You will be able to find thousands of new opportunities and make connections from all over the world. Not only that, but you will also receive practical learning experience, Microsoft technology and the ability to learn from professors who are business owners and entrepreneurs themselves.

14,640 Euro
  • Our school and what we stand for
  • Digital trends and future competences & mini master-class from one of our professors
  • Master of Science in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance in GBSB Global
  • Master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce in GBSB Global
  • Master in Digital Business
  • Testimonials from our students
  • Our application process
  • Antonio Rodríguez EngelmannManaging Director
  • Miguel Angel MartinProfessor
  • Daniela WeillAdmission officer
  • Ani KhachatryanAlumna