Food Processing in Italy: discover industry trends and reasons to join Università Cattolica’s M.Sc. degree.

MSc Food Processing
€8500 (€5750 with scholarship) EUR / year
€3,600-€8,900EUR / year

Duration: 30 mins

This exclusive webinar focuses on the reasons that make Italy the ideal location to study Food Processing, and in this framework, how Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore has exploited the concentration of industries in the city of Cremona to launch its MSc degree in Food Processing.

With the precious intervention of a leading industry professional from multinational Ferrero and the MSc Program Director, students seeking to study abroad have an unprecedented opportunity to hear about the latest research, the services and scholarships reserved to international students by Università Cattolica, and what knowledge and competencies future professionals require.

This webinar is targeted to students with a food engineering or biotechnology background, seeking to specialize in the food processing industry and exploit the program’s and the university’s features to launch a high-flying, global career in the field. Requirements: a relevant bachelor degree and B2 level of English.

€8500 (€5750 with scholarship) a year non-EU residents, €3,600-€8,900 a year for EU residents.
  • Reasons to choose Italy as a country, Cremona as a city, and Cattolica as a university, to specialize in Food Processing.
  • How Cattolica’s Faculty of Agriculture has developed in the program in response to the current and future global needs in the sector
  • What a keynote speaker from leading company in the industry advises students to pursue in terms of study and research.
  • Entry requirements, Application procedures, costs and scholarships.
  • Admission process and scholarship opportunities
  • Aishah PathakInternational Recruitment Senior Officer
  • Lorenzo Morelli Program Director
  • Roberto Menta Director DiSTAS (Department for Sustainable food Process) and Director CRB (Centre for Research into Biotechnologies)
  • Nutrition and Sustainability Director Soremartec (Ferrero)
Partial, merit-based
1st Feb / 15th March / 15th April 2020
September 2020