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Foundation Course

Duration: 1 hour

Foundation Course at the University of Pisa, Italy!

The University of Pisa has a long history of excellence in education. It is a multicultural population with around 100,000 people, in addition to the thousands of students who enliven the city. Its cultural life revolves around museums, cultural associations, cinemas and theatres, making Pisa a great place to live and study.

The Foundation Course Programme offers a way for students who currently do not currently meet the requirements for admission to Italian University to bridge these gaps and qualify for bachelor’s study at the University of Pisa.
Through this programme, you will have the opportunity to…
– Learn a range of different subjects in either the Humanities or Sciences
– Learn/improve your Italian Language skills
– Be a part of an international community of students

The Foundation Course offers…
288 hours of lessons in English
320 hours of lessons in Italian over the entire year of study
80 additional hours of conversation with Italian native speaking students who will be your “buddies” throughout your study experience at our University
– Upon successful completion, an exemption from the Italian language exam normally required for non-EU students applying to first cycle degree programmes at the University of Pisa

The Foundation Course is a study programme offered by The University of Pisa mainly taught in English and designed for students who do not have the minimum schooling requirements (12 years) for
university admission in Italy. This includes American students with a high school diploma without the additional requirements of AP courses or two years of college or an Associate’s degree. If you do not currently meet the entry criteria for your chosen undergraduate course, this programme offers you an alternative admission route.

The Foundation Course is the first step on the way to successfully obtaining your degree!

The tuition fees for the Foundation Course Humanities, the Foundation Course Science and the Foundation Course for Native Italians are equivalent to € 5’000. Foundation Course 10 years of schooling: • 96 CFC option: € 7’500 • 120 CFC option: € 10’000 Free-choice modules option: € 85 per credit Note, that for all the tuition costs listed above, a 16 euros cost for administrative fees must be added.

1. Objectives of the programme
2. Registration procedures, deadline & fees
3. Entry requirements
4. Service & Facilities offered
5. Overview of educational programmes at the University of Pisa

  • Adio TerranovaFoundation Course Manager
  • Sarah Eaton Erasmus Student Trainee
  • Paola Cappellini Head of International Cooperation
  • Laura NelliHead of International Promotion
High School Diploma obtained after 10/11 years of schooling and us students with 12 years of education but without AP courses.
There are two scholarships available for the best two students who want to continue their studies at the University of Pisa. The scholarship covers the tuition fees for the first year of study in a Bachelor’s Degree programme.
30 June 2020 (for non-EU citizens residing abroad). The deadline is extended up to 15 July 2020 for EU candidates or non EU candidates residing in Italy
September 2020