Make your commitment matter. Study our Master programme in Ethnic and Migration at Linköping University

MA in Ethnic and Migration Studies
EUR 8,000EUR / year

You will sharpen your skills in analysing the causes of migration, as well as its consequences for emerging formations of race, gender, labour, citizenship, health- care, welfare and culture. The programme is interdisciplinary, integrating the humanities and the social sciences. In true LiU spirit, there is a strong commitment to problem-solving, critical and innovative approaches.

You will learn how migration shapes society, from a historical and sociological point of view. Our dedicated students reach in-depth knowledge in the field of intersectional migration studies. You can tailor your education towards a special interest, profession or field of expertise, by choosing elective courses, studies abroad and internships.

In your courses you will meet teachers who are all doing research in the areas that they teach in. This means that courses provide an in-depth orientation of knowledge and analysis of each field and insights into the production of new knowledge. The programme offers direct contact with ongoing research.

When you graduate, you will be qualified for positions in local, national and international organisations, administration, business, government, media and the cultural sector, as well as for further postgraduate studies and research.

EUR 8,000

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  • Anna BredströmProgramme director
Bachelor's degree equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen within the humanities, fine arts, cultural studies, social sciences, behavioural sciences, health sciences or natural sciences or equivalent qualifications is required. English corresponding to the level of English in Swedish upper secondary education (English 6/B). Exemption from Swedish 3.
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15 January 2021
August 2021