Find out what 3-D Risk management and Financial Technologies are all about

Master of Science in Risk and Financial Technologies

Study the MSc in Risk and Financial Technologies and master the craft of managing risks!

The MSc in Risk and Financial Technologies programme is a Finance programme specialised in risk management. It offers an original outlook on the subject and on the broad skillset that risk managers need to possess. Students will learn how to master advanced quantitative and technical skills. They will study the importance of understanding human behaviour, gaining an in-depth knowledge of financial markets and products.


Thanks to the partnership with the Global Association of Risks Professionals (GARP) and the MSc curriculum, students can ultimately take the FRM® certification if they want to. The MSc in Risk and Financial Technologies programme will allow them to take advantage of new professional opportunities and take their career to the next level in top international companies and institutions.


The MSc in Risk and Financial Technologies is meant for candidates who have an openness to the world, and who are determined to learn on risk-taking, compliance and regulations. All academic backgrounds are considered, even if ideally, profiles with finance related background or business background with quantitative knowledge most commonly apply to this kind of programme.


Admission is decided on the application to be filled out online. It is based on candidates’ academic records and motivation interview.

  • What 3-D Risk Management and Financial Technologies are about.
  • Examples of real-world cases.
  • Job opportunities.
  • Admission requirements and procedure.
  • Sébastien LLEOHead of the MSc in Risk and Financial Technologies programme
  • Clémence PECCAVET PhD
  • International Admissions Manager
Partial, Excellence scholarship
End of June 2019
September 2019