Medical and pharmaceutical biotechnologies at the University of Pavia, the best way to prepare your career for the future

Master degree program in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies
156 to 4000EUR / year
The Master’s Degree program in Medical and Pharmaceuticals Biotechnologies is a 2-year English-taught program which prepares graduates with highly skilled in designing, analyzing and researching biotechnologies in the biomedical and pharmaceutical field.

During a common first year the students acquire skills and knowledge on the fundamentals of biotechnology. In the second year the student will choose between two curricula:
1. Biomedical curriculum: focues on the pathogenetic mechanisms of diseases human, non-pharmaceutical (vaccines, biological drugs, gene and cell therapy) and pharmaceutical therapies.
2. Pharmaceutical curriculum: focuses on biotechnologies applied to the design, research and development, and analysis of innovative biotechnological drugs.

Fees for EU and non-EU students regularly residing in Italy are based on students’ family income. They range from about 156 EUR to 4000 EUR per year. Non-Eu students with a valid study VISA, besides the tuition fee based on family’s income, can also benefit from a flat rate, set on the basis of the Country of citizenship and the field of study. The flat rate ranges from 400 EUR to 4500 EUR per year.
–          Discover the structure of this course and the career opportunities in the relevant field
–          Learn why the University of Pavia is the ideal place for this study
–          Admission and enrollment procedure for EU and Non-EU applicants
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  • Roberto CicconeProfessor
  • Umberto LaforenzaProfessor
  • Beatrice VecchioWelcome Officer
• Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology or Biological Sciences or related subject or a Bachelor’s Degree awarded by non-Italian University that it has been evaluated suitable for the admission. • Students who do not hold one of the above degrees should provide evidence that in their bachelor study they have acquired the following number of ECTS (in case of students outside the European Union, the equivalent number of hours of study) in these areas: 10 ECTS in mathematics, physics, computer science, and statistics; 10 ECTS in chemistry, botany, biochemistry, molecular biology, applied biology, histology, genetics, microbiology; 20 ECTS in biomedical and biotechnological disciplines. • Knowledge of English corresponding at least to a B2 level
The University of Pavia offers several kinds of scholarships/funding for a sum up to 6.000 euro per year per student. Please join the Webinar to find out more!
31st May 2022
Fall 2022