MSc in Experimental and Medical Biosciences from Linköping University

Experimental and Medical Biosciences
EUR 10,000EUR / year

Duration: 1 hour

Do you want to work with medical research, developing drugs or become a future leader in a biomedical company? Understanding diseases and improving today’s diagnostic and treatment methods requires knowledge about genes, molecules, and cells?

This webinar will learn you about The Experimental and Medical Biosciences master’s programme that will prepare you for a scientific career within the broad field of Life Sciences, with particular emphasis on understanding cellular and molecular mechanisms related to health and diseases. This international master program’s aim is to mix theoretical knowledge with practical skills and is most pronounced in the individual experimental projects done during the first and second year of studies.

The master’s programme in Medical Biosciences at LiU received the highest rating in the Swedish Higher Education Authority’s assessment of Sweden’s biomedicine programmes, with five of the evaluated learning outcomes appraised as Very High Quality and the sixth as High Quality – the best result for international biomedicine master’s programmes in Sweden.

272000 kr (For full programme), 136 000 SEK per academic year
  • Programme specific requirements and how to apply
  • Pedagogical philosophy – student centered learning and emphasis on practical skills
  • Our mentor programme
  • Flexibility; choice of elective courses
  • Career opportunities
  • Jordi AltimirasProfessor at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Rebecca FonsecaStudent
  • Linnea Farajzadeh LindrothStudent
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15 January 2023
Fall 2023