Plan for the cities and regions of the future! Study Strategic Urban and Regional Planning

MSc in Strategic Urban and Regional Planning
EUR 9,000EUR / year

IT infrastructures in smart energy and transport systems, problems with segregation, and the urban-rural relationship, are just a few challenges that urban and regional planning must respond to and manage in a long- term sustainable perspective. The programme offers training in urban and regional planning, with a focus on strategic planning.

LiU’s new Master’s programme is the first of its type in Sweden. You will learn how to design strategies and policies, how to manage projects and processes and plan on a more comprehensive level. You will also learn how to use digital tools such as those used in visualization and scenario analysis. The programme has a special focus on regional development challenges in European countries.

The programme prepares you for a career as a planning and environmental strategist, plan manager, overview planner, district developer, urban planner or external analyst.

The intended audience for this online open day are students with background in urban and regional planning, town planning, human geography, geography, environmental science, global studies, economics, sociology, political science, tourism, history.

EUR 9,000

1. Learn more about Urban and regional planning/ Strategic urban and regional planning

2. Learn more about the challenges related to climate change, globalisation, urbanisation, digitalisation and social inequality and how Strategic urban and regional planning can be one of the most powerful local instruments to (re)shape long-term urban and regional development and create sustainable cities and regions of tomorrow

3. Learn about the courses and content of the programme

4. Learn about programme requirements and how to apply

5. Learn about potential career opportunities after graduation

6. Learn about Linköping University and Campus Valla

  • Kristina TryggProgramme director
Bachelor's degree in urban and regional planning or other relevant subject area equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen. English corresponding to the level of English in Swedish upper secondary education (English 6/B). (Exemption from Swedish 3).
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15 January 2021
August 2021