Study a Master’s in Industrial Engineering in Centrale Nantes, Top-French Institute of Excellence in Science and Engineering!

Master in Industrial Engineering

Duration: 1 hour

Interested in Industrial Engineering? Don’t wait! Join the International Relations Team, Master’s Responsible Renowned Professors and current students for a webinar to learn more about Centrale Nantes and our Master in Industrial Engineering.

Centrale Nantes is a top-French – ranked among top 5 – Engineering Institute of Excellence in Science and Engineering that delivers Academic Programs and Applied Research of the highest quality with the support of numerous strong institutional and industrial partners. In its nearly 100 years of existence, our university has built a solid reputation.

The Master’s program is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and is internationally recognized. The programme of study lasts two academic years. The language of instruction is English.

It offers two specialisms:
Agile Factory Management: This  specialism aims to develop particular competencies dedicated to agile and reconfigurable factory management. Fundamental approaches for factory design and simulation will be introduced as well as performance assessment. At the conclusion of the course, students should be able to model and simulate production systems, to optimize production systems control strategies and to apply new assessment methods based on simulation and optimization approaches, taking into consideration different kinds of indicators (environmental, social, economical) related to agile factories.
Smart and Connected Enterprise: the objective of this specialism is to introduce the new paradigms of company management based on new information environments and systems, including cyber-physical systems. At the conclusion of the programme, students should be able to model an enterprise, to simulate and optimize its performance, to model and develop solutions for inter-operability between information systems, based on ontologies and multi-view models at different scales (shop floor, factory, company, extended enterprise).

15.000 euros for the two years
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