Study in Holland at one of the best universities of The Netherlands: Tio University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht

Study in Holland - study at TIO

Study in Holland

The Netherlands is the perfect place to start your international career, since the Netherlands is (and always has been) the trading centre of the World. Dutch people are known for their spirit of commerce, open-mindedness towards people from different countries, international ambitions and innovative ways of thinking. The ideal place for an international education.


Why the Netherlands (Holland)?

  • Everyone speaks English: Dutch people are the best non-native speakers in the World. Most Dutch people speak more than one foreign language. In addition to English, many people are able to speak German, French or Spanish. The Dutch are pretty direct, social and are not afraid to give their opinion. They tend to be down to earth and to project this view to the rest of the world.
  • Open-minded: The Dutch are open-minded and free spirited. This is also reflected in the paintings of masters, such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Even Erasmus, founder of humanism whose name is used for the famous international Erasmus scholarships, was a Dutchman. The Dutch are friendly, tolerant and open-minded to people from other cultures. Approximately 190 different nationalities live together in the Netherlands. Because of their sense of freedom and the flat countryside, the Dutch love to ride their bicycles, which explains why there are more bicycles than inhabitants.
  • Modern and innovative education: Studying at Tio means studying in a modern learning environment, equipped with the latest facilities. Besides that Dutch education is known for the informal communication between lecturers and students and lectures at Tio are very interactive. Students are expected to present their views and opinions.


University of Applied Sciences

Higher professional education is taught at universities of applied sciences. This means that besides theoretical knowledge, the student will get practical hands on experience through internships, group work and so on. In other countries ‘hbo’ is either called Polytechnic (University) or University of Applied Sciences. This type of education can be found mainly in European countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Sweden.


Tio Bachelor Programmes

Tio University of Applied Sciences offers 4 unique private bachelor programmes in hospitality (International Tourism Management and Hotel and Event Management) and business (International Business Management and Commerce, Entrepreneurship & Organisations). These bachelor programmes combine knowledge of the world of hospitality with aspects of business and e-commerce and is offered at our campuses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven.


About Tio University of Applied Sciences

Tio stands for personal, excellent and entrepreneurial education and has had an excellent reputation as a renowned educational institute for many years. Tio ticks all the right boxes: enthusiastic lecturers, small classes (max 16 students), clear information, excellent facilities and plenty of personal attention – and all that in a wonderful atmosphere.


The intended audience of this online open day are students looking for a bachelor programme, starting in September 2020 or January 2021, with a minimum level of English of B2 (CEFR) and finishing high school this year.


Why Tio?

  • Private education with professional lecturers from the industry.
  • 9 years in a row ‘Top rated programme’ and ‘best university of applied sciences’ in The Netherlands.
  • Maximum 16 students per class (on average only 11).
  • Choose your favorite campus in Amsterdam or Utrecht.
€ 18.500
  • Information about the study contents of the programme
  • Internship and international possibilities
  • Admission and tuition fee information
  • Job possibilities after completion of the programme
  • First hand experiences of the programme by one of our students
High School
1-7-2020 NON-EU / 26-8-2019 EU students