Study the 3 pillars of Chiropractic whilst mastering two widely used languages In the heart of one of Europe’s most beautiful Mediterranean cities, Barcelona.

Chiropractic – A better future

Duration: 1 hour

BCC is the world’s first bilingual college of chiropractic based in the centre of a beautiful Mediterranean city: Barcelona. Completing your studies at the BCC with a Master in Chiropractic from Spain’s leading University Pompeu Fabra. The BCC is an international college with more than 19 nationalities represented among its students.

5 year full-time program: (Bachelor’s degree + Master’s) student centred developing knowledge, skills and abilities through research, personal development and clinical experience taught through the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic. The program will be taught in Spanish and English during the first 3 years, and only in English for the last 2 years.

After completing all the modules in the curriculum, the students receive a double degree accredited by the ECCE: the degree in Chiropractic from BCC and the Master’s in Chiropractic from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

11,150.00 Euros
  • Health related challenges of today and year’s to come
  • The role of chiropractic in solving our health care crisis
  • The global and local opportunities that exist once qualified as a chiropractor
  • Requirements for becoming a chiropractor
  • Whether you have what it takes to become an inspiring healthcare leader?
  • Dr. Adrian WenbanPrincipal
  • Marc PastorBCC College Manager