Start your career in Hospitality and Tourism at Italy with UET M.B.A program. New beginning and endless possibilities in Milan

MBA in Global Hospitality and Tourism Management

Tourism is one the Italy’s fastest growing and most profitable sector. This industry is an umbrella covering a sea of fun and
engaging careers.

We pride ourselves on diversity not only our students come from all across the globe but most of our faculty is industry experts come from near and far from the U.K to Australia and many places in between.

The students who graduate their Mater’s from UETItalia benefit from the large variety of internship all across Europe in luxury Hotels and grandeur Resorts.

Euro 9,450
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  • Facts about Hospitality & Tourism Industry
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  • Neerav Kumar JollyDirector of Inter
  • Gabriella Rodriguez Mac farlanProfessor
  • Manjyot SinghStudent
July 2019
October 2019