Study with full scholarship at University of Debrecen, Hungary!

Duration: 1 hour

The University of Debrecen is one of the largest and most international universities in Hungary, with a student body of almost 30,000 out of which 5,500 are international students. The spectrum of programs offered in Debrecen is already wide, as our international applicants can choose from more than 60 English degree programs in the field of Engineering, Business, IT, Law, Science, Agriculture, Medicine, Health Sciences.

The full scholarship of the Hungary, called Stipendium Hungaricum nobly helps the most talented applicants to study at us. We bravely state that our university, our campuses, facilities, laboratories, libraries and professors provide an excellent opportunity for talented students from all over the world. So our students can find here all what they need for acquiring a highly recognized European degree in the most memorable phase of life.

5,500 USD – 17,000 USD vary per programs
  • The wide spectrum of our Foundation, Bachelor, Master and PhD study programs
  • The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program
  • The admissions procedure, and entry requirements
  • The campuses, dormitories and opportunities for leisure
  • Dr. László KozmaProgram Director
  • Ms. Ibolya KunAdmissions Officer
Yes, full scholarship offered