Studying Entrepreneurship from the Practitioners on the Swiss Riviera. Leading area in Switzerland for Startup Funding and one of the most Innovative regions in Europe


Studying Entrepreneurship from the Practitioners on the Swiss Riviera 20180816 from The Study Abroad Portal on Vimeo.


Entrepreneurship is about skills to be acquired and most of all an attitude that is a key request from companies from the smallest to the largest multinational such as Nestlé, our neighbor, on the Swiss Riviera.  This region is the number one in Switzerland for start-up financing since 2016 and recognized as one of the most dynamic regions on the European continent.

Entrepreneurship is about innovation, creativeness and noticing the market evolution with a critical mind to bring value. This is what companies, whether large or small are expecting from managers. This is what we are teaching at AGSB for the last five years with teachers that advise start-ups and large organizations alike and have built and sold their own start-ups.

You will learn the fundamentals required to be successful in this global business world such as digital marketing and new financing channels, with a special light thrown on the particularities of start-ups. The key success factor of any venture is the capacity to convince, which you will develop throughout your curriculum at AGSB.

You are comfortable with English, in order to attend your classes. You want to spend your bachelor years, preparing for your Masters or DBA, acquiring the attitude of an entrepreneur through building the skills and growing as you meet those that have “been there and done that” from start-ups to large corporations.

ranging from CHF 16'000 for Master program and CHF 25'000 for Bachelor Program
  • Who we are
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  • The value for you, future student, to build an entrepreneur attitude
  • Maurice ContatRelationship Manager AGSB
  • Sanja FabrinoFormer Vice President for Corporate Affairs at Philipp Morris. Founder of AlpRocket and AGSB faculty member