Studying the Brain In Pavia: Tradition and Innovation get together in the New Master Program in Neurobiology

Master degree program in Neurobiology
400 to 4500 EUR / year
156 to 4000EUR / year

The Master’s Degree Program in Neurobiology is a 2-year English-taught program which provides students who are in possession of first level training in the biological or biotechnological field, with in-depth knowledge of the morpho-functional organization of the nervous system, the cellular and molecular correlates of neural functions, and modalities in which these functions are realized at the systemic level, as well as on the neurobiological bases of the pathologies of the nervous system.

The aim of the course is to allow the acquisition, not only of a cognitive training, but also of specific skills such as:
• Modalities governing experimental and applied neurobiological research, regarding its recent trends, and the technologies it relies on;
• Applications of neurobiological knowledge and techniques in the industrial, bio-system and bioinformatics fields;

Fees for EU and non-EU students regularly residing in Italy are based on students’ family income. They range from about 156 EUR to 4000 EUR per year. Non-Eu students with a valid study VISA, besides the tuition fee based on family’s income, can also benefit from a flat rate, set on the basis of the Country of citizenship and the field of study. The flat rate ranges from 400 EUR to 4500 EUR per year.
–          Discover the structure of this course and the career opportunities in the relevant field
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  • Gerardo BiellaProfessor
  • Riccardo BrambillaProfessor
  • Beatrice VecchioWelcome Officer
• Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or Biotechnology or related subject or a Bachelor’s Degree awarded by non-Italian University that it has been evaluated suitable for the admission. • Students must have a good knowledge of basic Biology topics with particular attention to Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology and Physiology. Candidates must have taken exams in these topics during their BSc. • Knowledge of English corresponding at least to a B2 level
The University of Pavia offers several kinds of scholarships/funding for a sum up to 6.000 euro per year per student. Please join the Webinar to find out more!
31st May 2022
Fall 2022