Your Foundation Year in Italy: build your future and learn Italian at the University of Pavia – new online edition 2021-22

Foundation Year Program

The University of Pavia Foundation Year Programme offers a unique nine-month, full immersion preparatory course in Italian designed for:

  • students who do not meet the minimum 12 years of schooling required for enrollment in an Italian University Degree course.
  • students who want to access undergraduate degrees at the University of Pavia.
  • students interested in learning Italian or improving their Italian language skills.

It includes both classes of Italian Language at beginner and intermediate level and elective classes in three different area studies:

  • Humanities; (b) Science and Medicine; (c) Economics, Law & Politics.


For the academic year 2021-22, there are three available options:


Foundation Year – residential option: you will attend all courses, both Italian and Area Studies courses  in presence* in Pavia from October 2021 until June 2022

Foundation Year – blended option: you will attend the intensive Italian course online from October 2021 until February 2022; then you will attend in presence* in Pavia the Italian language course and the area study preparatory courses from March until June 2022.

Foundation Year – online option: you will attend all courses, both Italian and Area Studies classes entirely online from October 2021 until June 2022.

*The in-person options will take place only if the sanitary conditions will be favorable and allow for in-person lessons. On the contrary, the program will be held entirely online, without any possibility of reimbursement or reductions of the tuition fees.

After completing the Foundation year program students will be able to enroll in any BA’s degree course at the University of Pavia and will be exempted from the admission interview to enroll in a BA’s degree course in Pavia.


1. The benefits of attending the Foundation Year program

2. Structure and content of the course: residential and blended options

3. How to apply

4. Why Pavia?

  • Elena VoltanTeaching coordinator
  • Nora Tamimi TakrouriFoundation Year tutor
  • Elena FormiconeFoundation Year tutor
High school diploma, at least 11 years of school
No scholarships.
September 15, 2021
open until September, 15 2021