Your foundation year in Italy: build your future and learn Italian at the University of Pavia

Study abroad in Italy – Foundation year near Milan!

The University of Pavia Foundation Year Programme offers a unique ten-month, full immersion preparatory course in Italian. It includes both classes of Italian Language at beginner, lower intermediate and upper intermediate level and elective classes in three different area studies:

  • (a) Humanities;
  • (b) Sciences;
  • (c) Economics, Law & Politics.

Furthermore, students will enjoy a historical, artistic and gastronomic monthly tour in Lombardy, the region of Pavia After completing the Foundation year programme students will be able to enroll in any BA’s degree course in Italy and will be exempted from the admission interview to enroll in a BA’s degree course in Pavia

The intended audience of this Online Open Day are students finishing high school this year looking for a foundation year programme in a quiet and safe city just 30 minutes from Milan.

6500 €
  • The benefits of attending the Foundation Year Programme
  • Structure and content of the course
  • How to apply
  • Why Pavia?
  • RASTELLI STEFANOStefano Rastelli PhD
  • ZANNETTI ALBERTO Director of Foundation Year
  • Nora TAMIMI Professor of Second Language Acquisition
  • international relations officer
  • Fy tutor
31 May 2019
October 2019