A service for every budget and need with Webinars4you:

  • IP-GeoTargeted Campaigns (IPGLG-process) in order to only get leads you want and increase conversions
  • Filtering based on the desired background/ target-profiles
  • Quality-check screening through calling (students) to verify their interest
  • Premium Streaming Technology for improved engagement and Call-to-action! (no download required/ interactivity still works in the recording!)

Whether you want to ensure a quality-produced webinar that lasts, increase brand-awareness or boost recruitment numbers of qualified potential students we can help you.

Start by requesting your FREE profile today and optionally add a Marketing campaign and/ or WebinarLeads4you!

Stand out of the crowd and have everyone get a first-row seat!

See how Politecnico di Milano benefits from Webinars4you:

Benefits of our service:

  • Quick Return On Investment
    Whether we only produce the webinar or also promote, our goal is to bring you value and save you time whilst reaching your target-audience.
  • Data!
    Get direct access to the Real-time online Report to get all details on participants and track which campaigns work including conversion-rates!
  • Interactivity even in the Recording!
    Our Premium streaming technology allows for questions/ chat in both Live and On-demand sessions.
  • Target any country and profile 
    You choose the requirements, we confirm it and start our promotions.
  • No plug-in needed, mobile friendly for up to 1000 attendees
    Unlike Zoom/ Webex etc. our unique streaming platform gives access through just a link on any device.

Don´t have much time? Just watch a 10 min. Coffee-break!

Grab a coffee and we´lI give you a break! Meanwhile hear about the latest Trends in Student Recruitment and 4 unique ways to Qualify and Convert students!

Have a coffee, sit back relax and enjoy the break!

Let the data convince you!

As data has become inseparable from success in this digital world, we not only have our multi-channel marketing learn from the extensive amount of information we collected from past webinars, you can also have all data right at your finger-tips!

Get real-time insight into event registrants details, clicks, engagements, sources of promotions and conversion-rates!

From Conversations to Conversions!

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