When choosing a career, it’s significant to go for a field that is meaningful to you, but if you need a market insight about the market trends by 2025, here it is!


1. Data Analysis
Data Analyst

Tracking. Collecting. Analysising. The future is all about information and Data Analysts will keep becoming increasingly needed in all industries by 2025. The age of data has just begun and companies are applying hightech methods that allow them to better understand their clients, competitors and industries. By getting their hands on more information, they gain market insights that ensure them a more strategic positioning in the market place.

E.g. become a Data Analyst after the Diploma from the Toronto School of Management!

2. Business and Product Design

Cheers to the creative ones! One of the top skills that will be in very high demand by 2025 is creativity. The
monotonous jobs will be automated, but the creative roles still require a talented human. Thus, commercial and industrial designers will be extremely wanted. From developing appliances to designing cars, research and innovation are the keys to new breakthroughs in technology, business, medicine, manufacturing, and many other fields.


3. Computer Technology and Engineering

#eEducation #eTourism #eMedicine #elife. Today, high speed advanced computer systems and networks are required in all fields and the trend is spreading in all industries. By 2025 there will be an even stronger demand for computer technologists, engineers and networking specialists who can establish competitive technological advantages for their organisations.

E.g. find your Engineering degree from Politecnico di Milano here!

4. Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering

The aging population and the concentrated efforts against the very serious health issues of today’s society is driving demand for advanced bioscience pharmaceutical solutions as well as medical devices and equipment designed by highly qualified biomedical engineers. New hightech diagnostic instruments and implants, artificial organs and biomedical devices will need to be designed and developed following extented research and testing by bioscientists and biomedical engineers.


 5. Veterinary
Best paid careers

Only in the USA the need for veterinarians will be increasing by over 35% by 2025.  The increasing respect towards animals and pets will be contributing towards improved veterinary medical pet services and products. Students considering a career in veterinary medicine can expect to work in a fun environement that they will love right around the corner.


6. Physical Therapy

Aging baby boomers are the future of the physical therapy professionals as thanks to medicine advancements more people will survive traumas left by health problems like heart attacks and strokes by 2025. Strong future growth is expected in both employment and turnover and this is also easily explained by the current increasing trend of turning to more natural ways of healing like physiotherapy of course.


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You want to study abroad and don’t know where? Or you did already study abroad and want to repeat the time of your life? Studying abroad means collecting the best memories while being a student. You should take this opportunity and learn what Europe has got to offer.

1. Study ´la dolce vita´

Italy is one of the highest valued countries to study abroad and not without reason. It has a great lifestyle, for all the famous obvious reasons, as well as provides a solid high quality Education. Especially in the northern capital of Lombardy Milan, where we find many top-ranked Universities such as Politecnico di Milano, MIP Milano, Universita Cattolica and University di Pavia. You can study in ancient buildings with great atmosphere, motivating you to make a place in history whilst enjoying the latest trends in fashion, technology and dining in the best restaurants or zipping on a ´Spritz´ in great value for money ´Aperitivos´. 

Find out free Webinars4you in Italy here: https://www.webinars4you.com/online-open-days/?fwp_country=study-in-italy 

2. Oktoberfest is calling 

Munich is one the most visited cities in Germany. That’s one of the many reasons why a great number of students all over the world decide to study there. Because of the strong economy, a lot of well-known companys like BMW are based there. So you have opportunites to enhance your degree by doing an internship. And what else? Well the Germans are famous for their beer, so don’t wait and live in a city with the biggest beer festival of the world! You will also get to partake in the unique Bavarian culture. And since it’s located in the South of Germany, you don’t have to worry about the cold weather. In summer it can be up to 30 degrees. 

Find out free Webinars4you in Germany here: https://www.webinars4you.com/online-open-days/?fwp_country=study-in-germany

3. Joie de vivre in France 

Do you like fashion, quality lifestyle, baguettes and wine? Then France is for you! Even if you don’t, France offer many cities, besides Paris, where you can combine a nice cultural lifestyle with your studies. The universities are some of the best in Europe. Studying there, you will have the chance to learn the language of love that will give you a big plus in your CV. In Paris you see a lot of different cultures living together in peace, so you will meet intellectuals from all over the world and gain an international mindset. Also we can highlight other cities such as Poitiers which are very well worth to check out due to better value for money study destinations.

Find out free Webinars4you in France here: https://www.webinars4you.com/online-open-days/?fwp_country=study-in-france

4. Siesta and fiesta in Gaudi’s city

Barcelona is not only loved by tourists. International students enjoy the student life in the capital city of the Catalan Province. The universities in Barcelona are historically recognized. If business and marketing are your passions, then you have a varied selction of renowned business schools. Is Spanish not one of your native languages? Don’t worry, you can live in this international place using English, or you can choose to enroll in one of the many Spanish courses available in the city! During your spare time, you will be able to embrace the vibrant culture and unique nightlife of Barcelona as well the beaches in and around the city.

Find out free Webinars4you in Spain here: https://www.webinars4you.com/online-open-days/?fwp_country=study-in-spain

5. Study in the heart of Europe 

Why not combine all of these cities in 1 study?

Yes you read that right, that is now possible via new programs brought to you by the European Union called ´EC2U´. They allow you to study in Germany, France, Italy as well as Portugal, Romania and Spain!

Get the best student-life you can dream of whilst studying for example European languages, cultures and societies or Sustainable Cities and Communities or Lifelong Well-being and Healthy Ageing.

Online Open Days

If you want to study abroad and need more information, then you should have a look at our upcoming Online Open Days . These interactive sessions will give you all the details about the universities and get you a step closer to finding your dream programme to study abroad. Dont wait, sign up today!

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Looking for a change of scenery? Dreaming of a life and a career in Canada?

Then we have good news for you! As you can study & work at the Canadian College of Technology and Business (CCTB) in the following fields:

  • Cybersecurity Risk Management with Co-op
  • Data Engineering and Analytics with Co-op
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist with Co-op
  • Diploma in Business Management Co-op (Daytime and Evening Options)
  • Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Co-op (Daytime and Evening Options)

CCTB is one of the main Canadian colleges choice among international students and it is especially known for its focus on the employability of the students, taking into consideration the changing global economy.

By registering here you can already get most information regarding the programs, benefits, housing, career services etc. and get in contact when interested:

CCTB Study in Canada

If you’re interested to expand your cultural experiences and your educational background, you might want to consider moving to Switzerland. There are around 12 universities in Switzerland and a few other applied sciences research Universities, who are supported by the government and whose local fees are fairly low.

One of them is Franklin University, the only interdisciplinary liberal arts university in Switzerland that combines the best of both U.S. and Swiss education. Two of the programs they offer are:

You can join the Online open day for free, an informative session granted by the University for all the students around the world, an open invitation to get as much information as possible about the programmes. Simply click Here

Switzerland has 4 national languages – Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansch – English language is common on Master´s level programs, the number of courses available at an undergraduate level in English in slowly growing, however, mostly at University of applied sciences. Swiss is an amazing country, as a fan and connoisseur, having travel myself quite a few times to the chocolate capital I can say, its diversity and beautiful landscapes, trapped me. I fell in love with energy of its people and their tidiness on almost everything they do.

The cost of living in Switzerland is high, Zurich was named one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, some institutions will grant scholarships for foreign students – make sure to check the local Swiss Embassy website for more detailed information. Many Universities in Switzerland has been categorized as the best in the world, proving that education wise they are really prepared to give their students the full experience.

Switzerland provides a variety of study options, many of them highly focused on research, make sure to read all the information necessary prior to applying as the tuition fees often change and the variety of programmes is wide.
You should be aware that if you are a non – EU student you must apply for a Switzerland visa.

Here are some useful links for non-EU students

Want to know more about programs in Switzerland? Join the webinar!

Last note: be aware that in order to being able to apply, many students have to go through a screening process where a few qualifications might be required, depending on the programme and the School. There are plenty of choices you can pick to study, but you should be aware of the qualifications that are and aren’t recognized in Switzerland. If a credential or qualification is not recognised, you will have to pass the full Swiss maturity exam. If your program is in English you might need to bring your IELTS or TOEFL scores.

Make Switzerland your next destination, not only they have the best quality of life but Europe’s most prestigious higher education systems.

If you are a student recruiter with an online presence you have no doubt come across webinars as a means to recruit students online from different parts of the globe. This fairly new way of universities creating an interactive webinar where they get the opportunity to showcase their courses, the university, the professors and the course directors themselves has proven to be a successful model to get potential students interested in the university and a specific mode of study.

Something that has come to pass through the student recruitment process for our company in the last year is the use of masterclasses as a means to show the people who are interested in the course exactly what it would be like to take a module or elective in their chosen course. This is a great way for the potential students to see what the professors are like, the type of material they will be learning from and also if the course will be of interest to them. The students also get a glimpse into the online virtual classroom and actually see what life is like as a student there. Armed with this crucial and vital information, students will have more of an idea what very important choice they will be making when it comes to picking the best university for them.

The beauty of a masterclass is that it has the opportunity to go viral during the session as so many people worldwide can log in and learn during the class. This is a great thing for universities and recruiters as it provides fantastic brand awareness and boost the name of the university. It can also be used as video merchandising afterwards to maintain online presence and as part of the digital marketing strategies of the business or university.

If a university wants to recruit students successfully and get more from the process of recruiting then this is definitely an effective tool to use to sway the students. Think of a masterclass as something that is crucial in networking online and keeping up a strong image and brand. For example a masterclass we hosted as part of a webinar for IE business school in Madrid Spain included an elective which is taught in IE´s Master in Market Research and Consumer Behavior program. The class was taught by Pedro Sanudo one of the course professors and we had great feedback from both the client (IE university) and also from the students taking part in the class themselves. It seems that virtual learning is becoming a powerful marketing tool that any recruiter should be including in their strategy for success.

Deciding where to study and in which school invest is a tough decision, this is why LinkedIn detected the necessity of creating a report that can serve as a guide for students and parents to decide which school to choose in order to obtain a desirable job after graduation.

Just recently the LinkedIn University Rankings Based on Career Outcomes − Undergraduate rankings in the United States came out. This report analyzed millions of alumni profiles to find out how schools stack up across a variety of careers and to determine which schools in the United States are best at launching graduates into desirable jobs.

How LinkedIn obtained the results of this ranking?

LinkedIn team found the top schools for each field of study: First, they identified the top companies where professionals from each professional career are choosing to work. Next, they found people on LinkedIn who work as a professional in X career and saw where they went to school. Finally, for each school, they found the percentage of these alumni who’ve landed to these jobs at these top companies, then compared the percentages to come up with the list.

From University to Career − The results of the ranking

The LinkedIn University Rankings Based on Career Outcomes − Undergraduate rankings in the United States report highlighted the careers of Accounting, Finance, Design, Marketing, Software Development & Media as the the top careers launching graduates into desirable jobs. After LinkedIn team analyzed  the millions of alumni profiles, these were the results:

Retail Management

  1. University of Pennsylvania, 96,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. University of Wisconsin, 75,500 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Purdue University, 90,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Oklahoma State University, 42,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Brenau University, 33,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn


  1. Carnegie Mellon University, 70, 200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. School of Visual Arts, 31, 200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. College of Creative Studies, 7,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Art Center College of Design, 19,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. University of Washington, 233,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Finance Professionals

  1. University of pennsylvania, 123,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Yale University, 79,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Georgetown University, 89,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Princeton University, 56,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Columbia University in the City of New York, 112,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Investment Bankers

  1. Georgetown University, 89,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. University of pennsylvania, 123,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Yale University, 79,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Duke University, 81,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Columbia University in the City of New York, 112,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn


  1. University of Pennsylvania, 123,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. University of Michigan, 242, 300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Harvard University, 154,200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. New York University, 266,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Cornell University, 170,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Media Professionals

  1. New York University, 266,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Hofstra University, 59,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Duke University, 81,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Howard University, 49,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Northwestern University, 118, 600 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Software Developers

  1. Carnegie Mellon University, 70,200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Caltech, 19,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Cornell University, 170,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 100,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Princeton University, 56,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Software Developers at Startups

  1. Standford University, 148,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 100,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Brown University, 58,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Princeton University, 56,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. University of California, Berkeley, 287, 400 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Source: blog.linkedin.com

To start looking for Webinars from some of these Universities and/ or fields of study, Webinars4you offers free, interactive Webinars!

Did you know that Milan is one of the largest economic and cultural centres in Italy and Europe? And did you know that Politecnico di Milano is a historic university ranked 1st in Italy, in the top 30 worldwide and top 10 in Europe for technical institutions?

With more than 30 master’s courses taught completely in English in engineering, product and interior design, architecture and more, Politecnico di Milano offers students the chance to work with notable international faculty, live in the stunning city of Milan and its surround, and study at an historic university. It offers merit-based scholarships (full tuition waivers plus additional funding) to exceptionally talented students.

Who should attend: Students who want to study Engineering.

What: Sign up for more information Webinar about the Master’s programmes and PhD courses at Politecnico di Milano, to learn more about the city of Milan and the requirements, opportunities and tips about the application to this university.

Speaker: Francesca Deste, International Office recruitment manager.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Education offer of Politecnico di Milano´s Art, Architecture and Engineering studies
  • How to apply for an MSc programme at Politecnico di Milano
  • Services to the international students
  • Fees and Scholarships: Politecnico di Milano offers 3 types of merit scholarships to 1 out of 6 students that apply. It also offers competitive tuition fees (based on family income) which range from €800 – €3300 euros a year.

Register here:

Do you want to make a difference? Remember: Light never stays still and neither should you. As Steve Job said: “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

For all our busy international executives that are interested in leveling up their business career with an MBA, we did some research and give you some good insights about the hottest trend of the Online or Distance MBA programs:

Study an online MBAWhy you should do an Online MBA?

You shouldn’t, but you’d definitely could and that’s the important point! Recently a very successful businessman that had 27.000 employees, most of them business graduates, informed us he was looking to study an MBA program in order not to feel uncomfortable when managing people with higher education qualifications than himself. Of course, he coudn’t afford going back to the campus studies so an Online MBA was what he chose.

Why an MBA on the first place?

Research shows that the main reasons are to increase your earning potential, be more competitive when looking for senior role opportunities and learn to manage and oversee the work of your employees and heads of departments. Also, if you wish to successfully commercialize what you love doing by setting up your own business, an MBA is a must.

What’s the best timing for an MBA program?

If you already have some business experience or having your own company, you will be able to enjoy much more the benefits of an MBA. as in those cases, you’ll know what to expect from an MBA degree. Additionally, your personal ROI will be much higher as the MBA fees are an investment indeed. Regarding timing, never is a perfect moment however definitely now is better than ever as due to current market conditions the need for skilled managers are in high demand.

The 4 most popular benefits of an online MBA:

# 1 It’s never too late to become who you are

Age can be a psychological barrier as the MBA-interested individuals are unlikely to go back to class at their forties or fifties. That’s due to the lack of time, their family status and their very demanding business responsibilities, but let’s also face it: They have been away from onsite education for more than 20 years, which would definitely make them feel uncomfortable within a group at the age of their son or daughter. What would be the alternative? An online, distance or flexible MBA to tackle this issue.

Online MBA# 2 Take advantage of the extended international networking

Networking with international senior executives and managers is one of the key benefits of studying an MBA degree. An online program has the capacity to host much more international participants though, so you’ll have a bigger chance to meet representatives from more countries — an opportunity for enriching you international business knowledge and why not expanding your business?

# 3 You don’t need to move away to move forward

This is 2021 we live in — there is unlimited choice of universities to study at – and of course not everyone is able to move to a new country to gain a prestigious degree. Most well-known business schools do have a strong online version of MBA studies so you can select the best MBA for you based on your personal and professional criteria and not on the restricted location. From our research it shows that one of the best value for money MBAs currently comes from Pecs University in Hungary. Check them out here.

Study an MBA online# 4 An Online MBA can bring you closer by taking you further

If you are concerned that studying online will be like studying alone, there’s no need to worry at all. High-tech digital technologies enable dynamic interaction over the distance and the majority of the online MBA degrees offer very interactive models of studies:

    • Studio recorded lectures with notes written by the tutor so you can listen to your professor wherever you
    • Interactive live Q&A sessions with the tutor in real time
    • Workshops, discussions on course topics, consultations and presentations to tutors or exams commitees
    • Group assignments – preparation of business projects within work groups
    • Personal assignments – projects to track your advancement on a course every couple of weeks,
    • Live chats with the tutors and study assistants to answer any of your questions
    • Exams are a mix of online tests and assignments based on real time business situations.
    • An online platform – just like the faculty of a onsite university – with the curriculum, the studies timeline, the recordings, a mailbox for receiving personal evaluation and so much more included.

Do you want to find out more? Start by joining one of our upcoming Webinars on the Online MBA from Pecs University (Hungary) on the 9th of December.  Beatrix Lanyi, the Associate Professor, together with Maria Lajos (Admissions) will give insights why this new concept of this International MBA is something to consider. Join in!

Online Open Day

Luuk Mulling is an International Education Consultant with >10 years experience in the European Higher Education Market. Based in Barcelona, Webinars4you connects 100s of Universities and Business schools with potential students looking to make the right decision about their study program.

Are you looking for a innovative Bachelor´s program at a top university but don´t know what to study. Or do you want to incorporate a few different subjects into one three year bachelors program? The B.A in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Vrije University in Amsterdam is a degree course that gives you plenty of leeway to study three different yet interesting subjects which have electives that cross over and share similar roots and histories.

As well as having the opportunity to study three diverse subjects students will be having the experience of a lifetime living in Amsterdam. The city has the reputation as being one of the most laid-back and liberal cities in Europe with a host of great things to do for the student living there. The city has a wonderful international vibe and students can find themselves enjoying the famous coffee shops there or passing the day by on bicycle.

VU Univeristy is also one of the top ranking universities in The Netherlands. It was opened in 1880 by Kuyper, Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1901 to 1905, in Amsterdam. Since then it has seen an surging through the ranks not only globally but within the Netherlands as well. It was recently ranked in the QS University Ranking 154th worldwide, and it ranked 6th in the list for the best universities in The Netherlands.

Vrije Universiteit means free university in Dutch and the PPE program is a three year course and is affiliated with JS Mills College. The institution has 25,000 students and 2,500 academic staff. Over 50 of the Bachelor´s programs are taught in English, including the PPE program and a quarter of the students are international. The campus is modern with a great standard of student accommodation and is located in one of the most dynamic and fast-growing business districts in the Netherlands.

If you wish to learn more about the program, be sure to sign up for the free interactive webinar on the November 23rd 2021.

During the webinar you will get to speak to course directors and professors about the program as well as ask any questions you may have during the event. The application process will be explained as well as giving you an idea of how to approach many modern societal issues – ranging from ethical issues a business firm has to deal with to European migration policies. 

On Wednesday October 20th Webinars4you will host an informative webinar for Tio University in Applied Sciences on the Bachelor in International Business and Management. Register to get all the details and hear a student´s experience!

so why would you consider to study International Business and Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Tio University:

  • Save a year and start earning! TOne of the great benefits of this Private University is that you can study at your own pace, even do the 4 years in 3 years so you save a year. That means 1 year less of tuition fees which you can substitute by already earning a salary i.e. double the benefits!

  • Internship possibilities: In addition to this Tio University offers great student support, also by helping with gaining internships (both in the Netherlands and abroad!)
  • Diploma validation and job opportunities: Studying in the Netherlands gives you access to a solid education and a better chance to find a good job since its diplomas are recognized in the European Union and other countries like USA, Canada and Australia.
  • High level of personal security: The Netherlands is one of the safest (and happiest 🙂 countries in the world, and also at the campus you have all the facilities to make your study life save and fun!
  • Small classes and networking: PIf you are looking for a Private Education this is likely one of the top benefits, as you will make connections for life and often students cary on with their projects into a career or end up working for the company of their internship.

Click here to sign up for the informative webinar of Tio University’s Master in International Business and Management!

Photography by: Maurice Vinken / www.kleurstof.eu