Are you willing to Study Abroad but still undecided about the location? It recently came up Sweden is a really nice place where to keep up with your studies.

Let’s find out together why Sweden society is well appreciated by students!

Here in this blog, I’m going to give you 4 reasons to study in Sweden

Sweden, located in northern Europe, is a Scandinavian country with a population of 9.995 million. Over the years, Sweden has incredibly developed, becoming an open and innovative society where you can easily adapt and find yourself.


Above all, Swedish society has a non-hierarchical and informal nature: for this reason, you as a student can deeply develop your personal and work career. People give you the chance to spread own ideas, feelings and thoughts. Thank this, you will feel good with yourself and with others, as well as push your limits and improve your knowledge. To add, in Sweden everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and opinions. Furthermore, Swedish society is known for its inclusiveness and equality.

In my view, this represents a golden point for Sweden which underlines the people open-mindedness and willingness to embrace diversity.


Sweden is hosting some of the world’s best universities. Moreover, we can find several Swedish Universities covering high positions in term of International Ranking. It’s also important to underline Universities in Sweden are international-friendly. In fact, they are well adapting to the needs of international students. Above all, Swedish Universities are usually oriented in combining practical work with theoretical studies. That gives you the chance to improve both overall know-how and it will be particularly important to build your business network and career. Just the give you an example, Mälardalen University offers several study programs tailored for you:

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Sweden is well known as a country deeply based on sustainability and green environment. There are a bunch of aspects that suggest us to say the environment is in focus on sustainability. First, Sweden is a leader in recycling. Furthermore, the country is investing in green technology and energy (they are focusing on Sustainability through urban farming, just to mention). That means it is contributing to making our planet better, seeking to reduce pollution and supporting new green technologies as well as daily eco-friendly behaviours. In addition, the Swedish environment is clean and safe.

Concluding, Sweden is successfully developing a sustainable economy. All those aspects should push you to live and experience part of your life in Sweden.


I’d claim the quality standard of life in Sweden is pretty high. If you’re willing to Study Abroad in Sweden, you won’t have problems in terms of language barriers: everyone speaks English. That is a good aspect to take into account; it means the society is generally open to foreigners. Moreover, it’s quite easy to find and get an internship in Sweden.

This represents a huge opportunity. Firstly, you have the chance to enhance your professional career. Secondly, you get money always useful for students living abroad. Just to give you an additional proof that Swedish society is internationally oriented: International students can work in Sweden. Besides, public transports are efficient: you won’t have any excuse for being later in class!

Above this, an efficient public transport system means “easy” life, especially in terms of managing your daily routine and movements in the country. Last but not least, there’s another reason to study and live in Sweden. Figures reveal the life is cheaper compared to countries like France, Australia, as well as UK and Venezuela. Good news for you! Concluding, Sweden is a good destination where to study and live.

Now that I gave you the 4 reasons to study in Sweden, it’s time to find out the right University for you!

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During the initial days of college, almost all the student faces very difficulty in the completion of their tasks and assignments. They have to do several things, like focusing on their studies, participation in extra activities along with their assignments; it seems a very tough task for students. Due to all this, definitely, a student will feel overburdened.

In this regard, getting assignment services is an ideal option you can go for. It will help you a bit in releasing your stress about college. The expert paper writer gives you qualified work on time. They become professional after a lot of experience; they assure to provide you with quality work.

In this article, today, we will let you know the significant benefits of getting academic paper writing services.

·      It Saves Your Time:

Writing quality assignment will be much time consuming for the student who does not have enough information. Students will go through several books and explore the internet properly for quality work. In this regard, getting paper writing services will help you a lot in saving your time. In writing companies, all the writers own a lot of information due to vast experience in the same field. They can do your work better and with quality.

·      Enhance Your Subject Knowledge:

Assignment written from professional services will be having enough information about a particular subject which can benefit you in increasing your subject knowledge. They write after thorough research on the topic which will enhance your information. Before submission of your assignment, you will surely read it, in this way it will increase your subject knowledge and you can get prepared to write your next task on your own.

·      No Plagiarism:

Usually, students copy all the given information from the internet to make their assignment. It is not a good thing to do. Getting a professional writing service will benefit you in this way too. They will give you complete plagiarism free work. Such companies have strict plagiarism policies, and they assure plagiarism free assignment. They write all the things from scratch to provide you with unique work. A professional writing service will give you always work without duplication.

How the lecturers recognize plagiarism? An efficient plagiarism checker gives a ‘plagiarism score’ and informs them as to where you have lifted the material from. In terms of the score, anything approaching 40% (depending on the type of work it is) certainly arouses our suspicions. An efficient plagiarism checker does work rather well as an anti-plagiarism device. If it has missed it for some reason, if you have spotted on the internet and downloaded it, the chances are that at least one other person in the group has done the same thing. Once again, another 100% score and a trip to an Unfair Means hearing.

·      Impeccable Academic Work:

Getting assignment writing will benefit you in a way that you can get help from skilled professionals in any way you want. Their expert writers will give you flawless work, which will help you in gaining good grades. Such companies offering services also offer you to get assistance from their professionals. By talking to their customer service support, you can seek help in any of your academic work professionally.

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Are you fascinated by the potential of Digital Technology and ready to Study Abroad? Epitech is the right University that suits better your needs.

By studying at EPITECH, you can be a key partner of the Digital Evolution.

Epitech has been the leading IT university in France for 20 years and has opened 2 years ago a campus in Barcelona. Based in the area of innovation and technology of Barcelona (Vila Olimpica), EPITECH is deeply oriented in offering the best tools and methods to form students within the information technology surroundings.

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Below, I show you learnings and benefits the University is willing to provide you.

Innovation environment

Living in an environment in constant evolution, the campus is deeply based on providing innovative project-based learning methods. Moreover, the school aims to embrace innovation and digitalization in order to prepare its students for a future (I’d say present as well) fully digitalized and technology-based.

Technological Tools

From the moment EPITECH deals with IT and Innovation, you will take part in the latest technological advises occurring in areas. Just to mention some of them:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Videogames
  • Virtual Reality
  • Big Data
  • Robotics

Combining theoretical with practical ways of learnings, you will acquire IT skills by directly using technological tools and theoretical sources. Therefore, you will be provided with the highest technological skills, but also trained to develop soft skills and entrepreneur mentality.

Join our Webinar and learn more about Master & Bachelor at Epitech.

Outside the EPITECH boundaries

EPITECH gives you also the chance to have internships in leading IT companies, as well as one year of international experience and a powerful innovation ecosystem. In other words, you’ll be able to apply what you learn directly in a working environment, supporting then your working career and being particularly attractive for companies worldwide. In addition, EPITECH gives you the opportunity to have one year of international experience where you will be in contact with people from different nationalities. For this reason, it will be easier to improve your entrepreneur attitudes and embracing diversity.

Barcelona Ecosystem

Last but not least, EPITECH is located in Barcelona. Over the years, Barcelona has become one of the greatest Digital Hubs in Europe, offering you high chances to discover Digital and Innovative surroundings. Moreover, Barcelona is nowadays hosting several digital start-ups (Glovoo, Xceed, Badi etc.) reaching a high position in terms of Innovation-based European cities. Besides, Barcelona is bohemian. For instance, depending on your habits and lifestyle, you can easily find a neighbour, location and attraction that fits better your mood. Above all, Barcelona is so international that enables you to build up a strong people network and friendly relationships.

Learn more about Barcelona lifestyle by reading our Blog about “5 Reasons why should study abroad in Barcelona

In conclusion, if you are interested in the Digital Environment and ready to experience innovation and information technology, EPITECH is waiting for you.

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Thousands of students browse the internet every day looking for masters and bachelors to study. They might be looking for their favourite degree, thinking about Studying Abroad, or just browsing to get information about scholarships and tuition fees. They might very clearly know what they want to study or be full of doubts. That is why we are so proud to present them with our Online Open Days. But not everyone understands the concept immediately. Therefore, we are now presenting you with: “What is an Online Open Day?”

In just a few words, an Online Open Day is an informative session (a webinar) in which you can connect with personnel from your favourite university or business school and make inquiries about content, fees, procedures etc. This is very useful if you live far away from such University (as far as “across the ocean”). You will also be presented with a general description of one or more programs and other related topics. The Online Open Days we promote are free for everyone to register, since we want everybody to have a chance to Study Abroad!

Let´s look at the term up close:

  • Online means you can access it from your computer, cell phone, or tablet. It is a short video presentation with members of the Uni staff and our moderator. But Online also means you can watch it later if you do not have time now!
  • Open Day is, just like in any other situation, a day in which you are invited to take part and discover everything about a certain program or group of programs. But Open Day also means that it is free for anyone to join.

Let´s also see how an Online Open Day is different to anything else around:

An Online Open Day is not an educational fair: you do not have to walk through a crowded stadium where 50 universities are handling out brochures and leaflets. You do not need to shout to speak with the representatives, and most importantly, you do not have to travel to different locations to attend!

An Online Open Day is not a virtual fair. You do not miss information because the presentation is too broad: Virtual Fairs are often shared amongst several universities and lack the personal touch of an expert taking care of you.

An Online Open Day is not a portal. You do not lack the personal attention and care of recruiters, something that is normally missing in portals. You can easily follow the information, pause and go forward depending on your pace. And you can ask anything you need to get live feedback!

If that is true, what is there in an Online Open Day?


When you join an Online Open Day you can see and hear the testimonies of some experts. Normally, we would include a recruiter or marketer, a teacher or program director and a student or alumni. This is the best combination between registration questions, program questions and practical questions. You wouldn´t do without those staff members, but sometimes it´s the ex-student that can answer the questions better.


Although we have explained “on-demand” more than enough, there are some details that need further explanation: Most webinars are “live”. This means that you can connect at a certain day and time, and not before. You definitely can re-watch the session if you missed it, but today´s generations have a very tailored taste. That is why we also do On-Demand webinars, where you can watch it whenever you want.


In our Online Open Days you can find a moderator that introduces the session and guides it throughout. Our moderator and producer, Simon, has done more than 600 webinars, and uses this experience to get the most out of university members, while entertaining you.


The webinar is here to answer any question you might have before wanting to go to study. Most typical questions are about the theoretical and practical weight of matter, the amount and type of exams, the admission requirements, the tuition fees and scholarships, student life and living costs… even public transport in the city and VISA related questions!

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Applying for College With an Open and Prepared Mind

Applying for College With an Open and Prepared Mind

When it’s time to start preparing for the college application process, you may find yourself overwhelmed with your options and wondering where to start. Or maybe you’ve always known the university you want to attend and it’s your one and only plan to continue your education at that school. Either way, it’s necessary to take a step back and look at your future as a whole. It’s important to be realistic about the possibilities that are open to you, but keep in mind that with research, hard work, and the proper preparation, you can land yourself in what always has been or what will turn out to be the college of your dreams.

Start Early

Once high school begins, it’s never too early to start thinking about your plans for post-graduation. Take advantage of this time to try different clubs, activities, classes, and even jobs to find out what you’re good at and what you enjoy most. These steps will help make choosing a major and a college much easier for you. Most importantly, get a jump start on studying and preparing for your SAT’s, and take a look at what you need to do to earn grants and scholarships towards your degree.

Get Help From the Pros

It takes a lot of time and research to prepare for and apply to college. If you want to get ahead of the game and make sure you aren’t overlooking your best options, consider utilizing a College Applications Program, like from Bobby Tariq. A professional can help you present your best self and submit your best work by offering training and resources. They can help point you in the right direction by introducing you to schools that suit your profile best, even if you had never heard of or considered them before. They can also help you find financial aid in unexpected places.

Keep an Open Mind

Things change quickly during this phase of your life. As you learn more about yourself, you may find that your needs and desires are changing as you mature. You may also need to think about what is going to help you become a better person, not just a good employee. It’s never easy when life doesn’t follow your original plans, but keeping an open mind can bring you to places that are better than you had dreamed.

While you may have your eye on one college in particular, can it offer you the quality education, training, and opportunities that are unique to your individual goals? With a little time and effort, you could expand your horizons and find yourself in an unexpected place building a better future.

Living and studying in Finland_ Arctic safe haven for international students

Finland is becoming more international with each passing day. While proud of their rich Nordic culture, Finns are curious about new cultures and put effort into making Finland a remarkable connection between Europe and the rest of the world.

The climate in Finland is a mixture of maritime and continental, depending on the location. The Golf current flowing from the south bring warm winds and thus the climate the northern Europe is warmer than in other locations in the same latitude.

Finland is a country that offers many career and life opportunities, may it be for students, expats and even families! Why it is the new perfect destination for foreign students and immigrants and the happiest country for the second consecutive year? There are 3 perfect answers: Let’s find out.

Study life: In general, Finland is well known for its highly ranked education system.

This is not merely a myth, but it also seems to be experienced by many international students. Students appreciate the universities in Finland mainly for its high academic standards and the teaching staff, especially mentioning about everyone being very student friendly.

Freedom: This is no doubt one of the best qualities of Finland. Students has freedom to choose and study on a phase that is not too competitive and fierce, thus allowing students to be more creative while improving self-learning and problem-solving skills.

Haven for travelers: One of the most well-connected countries in the world: Finland is located in North of Europe and you can travel to over 130 destinations in Europe, Asia or North America in just a few short hours. It is home to Vanajavesi, a long narrow lake, Aulanko park and the famous red brick castle as noted among the few landmarks of the country. For a quick escapade of grand architectures, you can also visit Hämeenlinna Historical Museum, the Santa Claus Village or a quick tour at Åland Islands, students and families and travelers van visit the islands on midsummer’s eve and join the ancient celebration marking the longest day of the year!

Be it adventure or calmness that you’re looking for, you will find it in Finland!

Find out more about our Host universities and study programs here:    

The ultimate student test is, without a doubt, the exams. But they have a reputation too tough for what they really are. If you think about it, every graduate survived university examinations and is alive to tell the tale. I myself have been asked this question many times during our webinars. So here is what came out: how I survived uni exams, and how can you do it!

It is important to understand why exams exist. They are not there to make you suffer (hopefully), but to achieve a certain set of goals: to inform the teacher of your progress, to help you crystallize the knowledge, and to help the institution prove that you are worthy of the title they are providing you with.

Think about it! This is just another bureaucratical step in giving you an official title. So whether you consider exams as an aid to memorize or quite the contrary, you need to be friends with them in order to pass. And there are a couple of tricks to get it over with.

Many students asked us about exams during our webinars


As much as it might sound fun, universities take cheating very seriously. Maybe you or someone you knew did cheat in high-school, but this is not it. Cheating in university exams is considered illegal in many places. Provided that you might already be of legal age, you just cannot risk it. One of the big steps towards maturity is becoming an honest person.

So then, how do you survive university exams? You can check our last blog to see a list of all suggested studying techniques, but here are some tricks.

-“The sneaky summary”-

This is technically not cheating but I am sure teachers would hate it. But I have successfully used it in many occasions: If you are able to summarize all of your content (or the worst part) in a short scheme or summary, you just have to keep that in your mind. But if you still have problems with that, here is what you do: you look at this short checklist until the last minute, then put it away. When you are given the exam papers, you use the last blank paper they give you to very quickly write it down by memory. Even before reading the questions. Then, when you start writing, you have the support of your “cheat sheet”.

-“Exam simulation”-

Not many people use this technique, but you might find exam papers from previous years, or last year students might remember what the exam was. It is very useful to try to accomplish these “fake exams” at home, with an alarm clock stating the time. This way you can know for sure if you are prepared.

 -“Behind-the-door posters”-

It is also great to make big posters with the content, and stick them behind doors, on the wall or wardrobe doors, windows etc. If you take quick glances at it many times a day, you will reinforce your long-term memory of those and therefore find it easier to remember during the exam itself.

Other important things

Clothing: It is more important than what you think: Being able to strip to a t-shirt if it is too hot or wear a jacket and light scarf if it is too cold is vital for your performance: you are going to be put to the test so don´t let your body draw you back: maybe you are very nervous and feel very hot, or maybe the AC has been cranked up and you start feeling shivers.

Controlling your nerves: This is one of the reasons why many people have a bad performance during exams. The accumulation of stress and sleep deprivation that precedes an exam can break most and ruin an otherwise perfect exam. It is important that, even if you cannot eat and sleep well before an exam, you know how to control your pulse and body reactions. Devote the 15 minutes previous to the exam to breathe slowly. You will realize that when you breathe very deep and slowly, your heart cannot accelerate, and you will find your symptoms reduced. Practice deep breathing and other techniques of nerve control to improve your results.

Write in the comments if you ever used one of these tricks, or if you know any others! Check our upcoming webinar opportunities here, and also check our other blogs in the series “surviving uni” volume one and two!

Barcelona College of Chiropractor (BCC) is the world’s first bilingual college of chiropractic, it offers the Master´s program and undergraduate  course credits in both English and Spanish. Chiropractor is a discipline that developed in the Western World due to a fluke experiment. In 1895, Daniel David Palmer, a magnetic healer living in the Midwest of the U.S., restored the hearing of a patient who had been deaf since injuring his spine 17 years prior. Palmer located and adjusted a displaced vertebra in the patient’s spine. Palmer hypothesized that the patient’s deafness had been caused by the effect of the displaced vertebra on the patient’s nervous system.

Learning Chiropractics

The college is now one of the top colleges for chiropractic medicine and the college is affiliated with one of Spain´s top leading universities; The Pompeau Fabra University and students get to have electives at the university. The program consists of a 4 year undergraduate degree program and then a one year Master´s Program. This will result in the certification of a double degree: BCC and IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Upon completion of the program your skills as a chiropractor will be fully in demand. According to recent statistics Spain has only one chiropractor for every 370,000 inhabitants, in other anglophone speaking countries the statistic is only slightly lower meaning that the employment rates upon completion of the program is very high, regardless of what country you are in. As part of the course as well students get to carry out work experience in the field.


Furthermore living in Barcelona will give the students who study the course the opportunity to live in one of the most metropolitan and beautiful cities in Europe. The city has a great international student vibe and has lots of artistic and cultural history. The music scene is booming and there are dozens of restaurants and tapas bars to eat at. As well as studying an up and coming chiropractic course you will be get to live in a great city.

If you would like to learn more

about the degree and Master´s in chiropractic from Barcelona College of Chiropractor then be sure to sign up for the free webinar available on Demand. During the webinar you will learn about the admissions process, the course structure and career options.

Although you might not believe, some people do not struggle with uni. Some people even find time to do other activities. And others are so passionate about something that they overcome the titanic task of studying and undertaking extra-curricular activities. There are many you can do, and you will soon find many people that are willing to share their time with you in doing such activities. Hence, we are going to go through most of the university extracurricular activities that you can do while studying abroad


Universities always promote sport among students. It is known that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. It is not strange to find sports teams built around faculties or classes. But you will have to choose wisely, for this kind of activity is very vast:

  • Competitive sport vs not – Sometimes, the adrenaline of competition makes the experience worth it. Other times, the sport is about enjoying physical exercise or competing against yourself. Be aware of what kind of sport is played in each form (swimming, football, running, can all be both competitive or not competitive sports!).
  • Team vs Solo – If you are very social, you will enjoy any team sport, even if you are not great at it, just because you will get to be around other people. Or if you need time to disconnect from classes and classmates, you can choose a solo sport. Swimming is probably the most isolating sport, whereas rugby is normally prone to forming close groups.
  • Skill vs Health – All true sports are about physical condition. But the way in which this is expressed is different. You might need coordination, balance, control, resistance, brute strength, speed or great reflex. And the level of exhaustion after practice will also be different. On the one hand, CrossFit will drain all of your energy and have you ready to sleep. On the other hand, ping pong will require a lot of concentration and preciseness.

Research groups

Probably, the absolute opposite of sport is research groups. Some students gather to research about specific subjects, normally related to their studies. Research groups and PhDs are part of the life of University Professors, and those students that are to take the same pathway can take part in this adventure. This means you will spend more and more time in the classes and offices, library and others, helping teachers and research groups and also learning more than the average. It is a great opportunity to use university resources and learn if this new form of life is what you want to do in the future.


Another way of spending your time in university. If you feel a vocation to help others, if what you have learnt makes you see the world in a more critical way and you want to contribute to make it a better place, you should definitely become a volunteer in one of many NGO’s that cover anything from environmental issues to animal rights, political matters or socially demanding causes. Joining and NGO will not only give you a sense of purpose but provide you with many skills required in adulthood.

Internships & part time jobs

For some people, that are really focused on their future and want to quickly escalate the corporate ladder, it is a great idea to start having internships early on in university. Also, people that need to earn money or want to start saving can take part-time jobs. Both aspects are very demanding but will have you learn two very important lessons. The first one is the need for resilience and organization that a job requires. The other is the application of what you have learnt in class in the real world.

Music bands

If you spent your high school dreaming about being a rock star, you will certainly meet people in Uni that shared the same passion for music. It is also very usual to find music around universities: choirs or marching bands are a great tradition in many universities in America, and even in Europe.

University newspaper

It is very common in communication faculty, but you do not have to be part of the journalism degree to take part in the university newspaper or magazine. It is a great way to establish communication between students, outsiders, and teachers. You will also gain culture and knowledge while meeting new and interesting people.

Are you planning on joining any of these? Tell us in the comments!

You can review our Recommended Online Open Days to see webinars that can interest you. There, you will also be informed about university extracurricular activities. Studying Abroad is the way to go!

If anything, University parties are like nothing you have seen before. You will have to develop special skills to survive these university parties, and you better be prepared. So let us tell you our tips for surviving university parties and what types you will find. We will also share some fun anecdotes so that you get a real taste of what it will be!

Types of university parties:

  • University-organized parties: These are not the favorite ones, but sometimes attendance is compulsory.
  • Student association parties: They are actually very nice! They are organized by students or ex-students, who understand how to have fun and enjoy your time. You would be surprised of how well organized they can be (some even have rules). But more about that later.
  • Smaller groups of friends also organize parties in private buildings. These are great to stay safe and meet new people closely.
  • Erasmus parties – Understanding who organizes these parties is a mystery, but whoever does, he or she knows what fun is. These can be the wildest, funniest parties of all.
  • Galas and Balls – Just like the prom dance in high school, these are more ceremonial, but still, they never end well.

Many things happen in university parties, and unfortunately (or not), most people just forget about what happened, due to the side effects of spirituous beverages. And you want to make sure you follow the Uni party etiquette, don´t you? Follow this tutorial to not look like a rookie.


No wine in uni parties. No wine. These parties are a celebration of fun and youth, not a celebration of style and class. So do distribute yourself between the “shot” community and the “beer” community, or even better: gravitate from one to the other. Some mixes are allowed, however. Just make sure to never drink them alone, and especially not while wearing a fedora or colorful socks.

Social Aspect

These parties are not about drinking, but about making friends and having fun. They are very social. Be nice and joyful and seek refuge in the community if something does not look right. You will find that these groups are organized in very funny ways, like Facebook groups and boards (where the most stupid quotes of the month are posted) or Informers, where a list of “who hooked up with who/m” is posted every Monday.

Theme parties and dress up

Students are constantly looking for excuses to celebrate, and they have some experience in doing so. From St. Patrick to Noche de Muertos, Oktoberfest to New Year´s Eve, every special event requires a dress up, a special attitude and songs. Also, many parties are held related to sports events (normally, when this or that team has won). Always be prepared, and never turn up with the wrong dress up: you will lose all your cool points.


Although student parties are all about respect, pranks are also played in certain situations. For examples, first graders or freshmen go through pranks organized by the older students as a preparation of what is to come. In other cases, is the organizers that go through tests to make sure they can withstand the stress and responsibility.


Leisure is also structured through various games to keep no one bored. These have also evolved over time: Pool and ping pong soon gave way to Beer-Pong and Challenges. Truth or dare (a rather old game by now) gave way to “Never have I ever”. And some card or dice game might still be played, but with the internet world, challenges have become more popular. Be aware that some of these challenges can be dangerous: always be rational and never be the first one trying something!

Wondering if you can survive university parties? Read on…

University parties will require preparation and training, but it is also O.K. to be a bit of a noob in first year: you will gain experience and, as much as you will become a professional after studying in uni, you will also excel in parties by that time. Just remember these basic No-nos:

  • Never drink more than you know you can´t handle. A friend was duct taped to a pole once because he couldn´t stand still after drinking… And there he was left until next morning!
  • Never ignore the Student Association’s Rules, like “never turn your back to the bartender, or never drink alone”. You will find that they all have a practical or social meaning.
  • Long live Rock n´ Roll… but do not destroy property.
  • Never drink and drive. You might have your keys removed by the bartender! One of our friends was taken home in a shopping cart because he couldn´t even stand.
  • Do not steal drinks from people: it is very not nice.
  • Do not drink alone, do not sing alone!

Finally, let´s close this blog with some anecdotes to remember. Check out our Recommended Online Open Days to study abroad and be able to attend these crazy parties. And check out our other blogs on how to survive university (parties, exams, classes…).

Party Stories

  • First graders have a private party and ask to close one of the floors of the pub. However, the waiter had to go up and down and cannot attend the bar the whole time and relies on the security cameras. One of the students realizes that there is a dead angle and that he can steal a bottle from behind the bar and drink for free, but when he tries to jump over the bar, being tipsy and nervous, he falls and faints on impact. When the bartender finds him asleep inside the bar, he carries him outside. He wakes up outside the back entrance with no coat and no way back in.
  • The last bar of the village is closed but the third-year students are not done, and they are very hungry. It is 5 am and nothing is open. No gas station or 24h place to buy food. But they realize that the train has a cafeteria service, and there is one leaving the train in half an hour. So they buy tickets and wait for the half an hour until they can get in the train and rush to the cafeteria wagon. Then they buy literally everything, and when they arrive at the next village and get down, they realize they do not have enough money to buy the tickets back. They just sit there in the station, still tipsy, and with one of them playing a piano that was sitting there in the middle of the train station.