You want to study abroad and don’t know where? Or you did already study abroad and want to repeat the time of your life? Studying abroad means collecting the best memories while being a student. You should take this opportunity and learn what Europe has got to offer.


1. Study ´la dolce vita´

Italy is one of the highest valued countries to study abroad and not without reason. It has a great lifestyle, for all the famous obvious reasons, as well as provides a solid high quality Education. Especially in the northern capital of Lombardy Milan, where we find many top-ranked Universities such as Politecnico di Milano, MIP Milano, Universita Cattolica and University di Pavia. You can study in ancient buildings with great atmosphere, motivating you to make a place in history whilst enjoying the latest trends in fashion, technology and dining in the best restaurants or zipping on a ´Spritz´ in great value for money ´Aperitivos´

2. Oktoberfest is calling 

Munich is one the most visited cities in Germany. That’s one of the many reasons why a great number of students all over the world decide to study there. Because of the strong economy, a lot of well-known companys like BMW are based there. So you have opportunites to enhance your degree by doing an internship. And what else? Well the Germans are famous for their beer, so don’t wait and live in a city with the biggest beer festival of the world! You will also get to partake in the unique Bavarian culture. And since it’s located in the South of Germany, you don’t have to worry about the cold weather. In summer it can be up to 30 degrees. 

3. Joie de vivre in France 

Do you like fashion, quality lifestyle, baguettes and wine? Then France is for you! Even if you don’t, France offer many cities, besides Paris, where you can combine a nice cultural lifestyle with your studies. The universities are some of the best in Europe. Studying there, you will have the chance to learn the language of love that will give you a big plus in your CV. In Paris you see a lot of different cultures living together in peace, so you will meet intellectuals from all over the world and gain an international mindset. Also we can highlight other cities such as Poitiers which are very well worth to check out due to better value for money study destinations.

4. Siesta and fiesta in Gaudi’s city

Barcelona is not only loved by tourists. International students enjoy the student life in the capital city of the Catalan Province. The universities in Barcelona are historically recognized. If business and marketing are your passions, then you have a varied selction of renowned business schools. Is Spanish not one of your native languages? Don’t worry, you can live in this international place using English, or you can choose to enroll in one of the many Spanish courses available in the city! During your spare time, you will be able to embrace the vibrant culture and unique nightlife of Barcelona as well the beaches in and around the city.

5. Study in the heart of Europe 

Why not combine all of these cities in 1 study?

Yes you read that right, that is now possible via new programs brought to you by the European Union called ´EC2U´. They allow you to study in Germany, France, Italy as well as Portugal, Romania and Spain!

Get the best student-life you can dream of whilst studying for example European languages, cultures and societies or Sustainable Cities and Communities or Lifelong Well-being and Healthy Ageing.

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Are you considering a career in finance and want to learn more about it? Well, we’ve put together the following guide featuring all the information you need to know about careers in finance, the different career paths there are to choose from, and how to get started. Keep reading to find out more.

Pros of a career in Finance

There are a number of benefits that can be earned through a career in finance. Although there are a few different avenues within finance you can choose to specialize in (we will cover these later in the post), they all generally have a high earning potential. Most finance-based jobs have good security and are in high demand. Finance is important globally, so should you wish to move to a different area or even country, it’s likely you won’t struggle too much to find employment. There is also the opportunity for you to choose to become self-employed, so you can have greater work flexibility around the rest of your life.  You are not constrained to one career path within finance, there are multiple options to choose from, which allows you to find something you are interested in.

Consider taking Finance courses

Most finance employers will be looking for some professional qualifications and experience. So you should consider taking some executive finance courses to help you get started in a career in the finance industry. There are a variety of financial courses you can take, so you’ll be able to find a course with the content and knowledge you need to specialize in your chosen area of finance. Whether you’re completely new to finance or you’ve already got some experience, it’s always useful to boost your level of knowledge and benefit your career.


A good way to help you get into the world of finance is to network as much as possible. This will allow you to meet others in the finance industry and learn from their experience and expertise. It will also give you the opportunity to learn more about the different types of careers in finance, to help you get an idea of what path you would like to go down.

Investment Banking

One of the areas you can choose to go into in finance is investment banking. As an investment banker, you will be involved with helping companies and corporations raise money for projects, expansion, and investments. You will be the person providing financial advice for these scenarios.

Managing Portfolios

This career path involves you managing the investment portfolios of individuals or companies. You will need to be able to balance risks and rewards across investments, and have a keen eye for a good investment. You will have to tailor the portfolio to the goals of the individual you’re working for, and ensure their investments are achieving their desired results. As well as choosing the initial investments, you will monitor them to track their performance and balance any risks.

Financial Planning And Advice

This area of finance involves you giving tailored advice to individuals based on their financial goals. This can cover a range of subjects, such as:

  • Investing
  • Business
  • Retirement
  • Savings
  • Taxes

This means you may specialize in a certain topic within financial advising, but it’s good to have a solid knowledge of all areas. Finance can be a great choice of career that comes with many benefits. We hope this post has been helpful in providing you with some information on how to get started in your finance career.

Creativity and innovation are crucial for success in almost any area of professional activity, and students try to develop them through their college courses. One of the most common assignments that aim to develop these qualities is creating an original essay. However, limitations on this assignment make it more difficult than it can seem. For instance, essay topics can be pretty general, and students need to discuss well-known arguments or ideas repetitively to make them look more innovative. Still, the AI writing service can provide additional support for students who need to solve the originality issue.

AI creates innovative and original essays — myth or reality

AI has become helpful in many areas of people’s everyday lives – we use it without noticing while scrolling through our social media feeds or typing our questions into search engines. Still, the AI’s ability to create something new and original remains a developing feature. Aside from the philosophical aspect of this question, the practical application of AI for creative purposes includes using it as a free essay writer as well. Although the mechanism of this ability may seem strange for a person that is not familiar with the AI functioning and organization, here are several benefits of the AI-based essay writing service:

  • The originality of content. The AI can improve the text’s originality and inspire discussing a well-known idea in a new and unexpected way. As many essay topics can repeat within different courses or partially resemble one another, students can need help with rephrasing and re-expressing their ideas, and the AI writing service may be helpful in this case.
  • Broad database. The AI quickly processes numerous sources in the topic chosen and makes it quicker than an ordinary writer. Although a person can know a lot, their memory can sometimes fail, while the same can hardly happen to the AI. Thus, the AI service information sources are almost uncountable.
  • Automatization of services. Automatization makes the essay creation process more convenient and less time-consuming. Besides, it reduces the probability of errors or losses during the essay delivery process.

Consequently, the auto writer for essays is a reality rather than a myth. Nevertheless, improvement is possible, as the current AI does not possess the level of abstract thinking compatible with the human one. Unwritten essays need checking and reviewing to avoid accidental stylistic or clarity issues. However, they are based on the variety of sources available and have a high degree of originality, so students who struggle with the creation of innovative works can use them as a help for their studies.

The best writing service for when you need a rewrite

Essay topics sometimes can be repetitive, especially when it comes to consequent courses that follow one after the other. Although professors will teach you new writing techniques and improve your skills, they need to check what you have learned before. Sometimes, you have written the essay on the same topic, and you would like to use the same arguments and thesis statement – but you need to submit original work. It is possible to create an entirely new essay from scratch, but this approach can be time-consuming and exhausting, especially when you have other courses to complete, so using essay help can be a helpful decision.

An essay rewriter can help you solve this problem and create an original essay using AI algorithms. Considering the similar content of numerous writing courses available in different colleges and universities, the topics of the essays can be partially comparable as well. The AI uses these essays as a basis to “learn” essay-writing and create an original text based on them. Of course, the writing process includes not only parsing and mixing, but processing of new information to reach desired essay structure and complexity.

Nevertheless, such an essay rewriter is not a complete replacement for the human writer, as it simplifies the writing process and facilitates reaching the originality of the text, but it does not create a work-ready for the submission. Academic integrity requires students’ authorship of the text, which applies to using AI-based services. In this case, you can use the essay writing service to analyze your writing quality or make it more innovative, but it’s not a thing you can ask “write my essay for me.” It is possible to create original content using one’s effort, and the AI service provides valuable help in reaching this purpose.

How innovative content can help you succeed as a writer or student

An innovative approach and original content are vital for writing a good essay. The essay structure can differ depending on the specific purpose and style required, but an original idea creates a core of the text that becomes the central point of its development. Although the idea itself can be relatively straightforward, such as “Global warming is dangerous for our planet” or “Smoking leads to a higher risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases,” it is essential to explain it originally to avoid repetitions or unintentional plagiarism. Here is advice that can help manage this job without additional struggles:

  1. Create a simple outline. If your outline contains primarily general and widespread thoughts, it’s okay. This is the moment when you build up the silhouette of your future essay, so there is no need to aim for perfection at the moment.
  2. Think about your arguments. You need to find unexpected and persuasive arguments to persuade your readers about the validity of this viewpoint. Peer-reviewed journals or governmental statistics, proper source referencing, and a clear writing style can come in handy for this purpose. 
  3. Rephrase the ideas of your writing. However, to reach originality, you need to find your words that will not copy the sources you have drawn inspiration from when writing your essay. Try to find other phrases or structures and preserve only terms or citations if necessary.

To reach more impressive results in creating original essays, you can use the help of originality online writing services. These services can screen through numerous papers available and help you rephrase your text and increase its originality. Nevertheless, it is important to check the essay thoroughly after using these services. Although the AI is skilled enough to create meaningful, comprehensive, and original texts according to users’ requests, minor errors rarely occur. Still, using AI services is a convenient way to improve the originality of your writing.

Study online Master in Data Science from UTEC/ MIT

Deciding where to study and in which school invest is a tough decision, this is why LinkedIn detected the necessity of creating a report that can serve as a guide for students and parents to decide which school to choose in order to obtain a desirable job after graduation.

Just recently the LinkedIn University Rankings Based on Career Outcomes − Undergraduate rankings in the United States came out. This report analyzed millions of alumni profiles to find out how schools stack up across a variety of careers and to determine which schools in the United States are best at launching graduates into desirable jobs.

How LinkedIn obtained the results of this ranking?

LinkedIn team found the top schools for each field of study: First, they identified the top companies where professionals from each professional career are choosing to work. Next, they found people on LinkedIn who work as a professional in X career and saw where they went to school. Finally, for each school, they found the percentage of these alumni who’ve landed to these jobs at these top companies, then compared the percentages to come up with the list.

From University to Career − The results of the ranking

The LinkedIn University Rankings Based on Career Outcomes − Undergraduate rankings in the United States report highlighted the careers of Accounting, Finance, Design, Marketing, Software Development & Media as the the top careers launching graduates into desirable jobs. After LinkedIn team analyzed  the millions of alumni profiles, these were the results:

Retail Management

  1. University of Pennsylvania, 96,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. University of Wisconsin, 75,500 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Purdue University, 90,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Oklahoma State University, 42,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Brenau University, 33,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn


  1. Carnegie Mellon University, 70, 200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. School of Visual Arts, 31, 200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. College of Creative Studies, 7,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Art Center College of Design, 19,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. University of Washington, 233,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Finance Professionals

  1. University of pennsylvania, 123,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Yale University, 79,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Georgetown University, 89,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Princeton University, 56,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Columbia University in the City of New York, 112,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Investment Bankers

  1. Georgetown University, 89,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. University of pennsylvania, 123,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Yale University, 79,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Duke University, 81,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Columbia University in the City of New York, 112,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn


  1. University of Pennsylvania, 123,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. University of Michigan, 242, 300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Harvard University, 154,200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. New York University, 266,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Cornell University, 170,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Media Professionals

  1. New York University, 266,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Hofstra University, 59,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Duke University, 81,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Howard University, 49,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Northwestern University, 118, 600 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Software Developers

  1. Carnegie Mellon University, 70,200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Caltech, 19,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Cornell University, 170,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 100,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Princeton University, 56,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Software Developers at Startups

  1. Standford University, 148,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 100,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Brown University, 58,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Princeton University, 56,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. University of California, Berkeley, 287, 400 students & alumni on LinkedIn


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Looking for a change of scenery? Dreaming of a life and a career in Canada?

You are invited to join us online February 10th (or On-demand anytime after!) when Algonquin College will talk about their unique opportunities provided to people from all around the world.

Algonquin College is one of the main Canadian colleges choice among international students and it is especially known for its focus on the employability of the students, taking into consideration the changing global economy.

In the webinar, Algonquin College will share with you inspiring stories of previous global students and give you an idea of your own opportunities within especially Brand/ Strategic Business Management or Sustainable Building Automation.


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Did you know that Milan is one of the largest economic and cultural centres in Italy and Europe? And did you know that Politecnico di Milano is a historic university ranked 1st in Italy, in the top 30 worldwide and top 10 in Europe for technical institutions?

With more than 30 master’s courses taught completely in English in engineering, product and interior design, architecture and more, Politecnico di Milano offers students the chance to work with notable international faculty, live in the stunning city of Milan and its surround, and study at an historic university. It offers merit-based scholarships (full tuition waivers plus additional funding) to exceptionally talented students.

Who should attend: Students who want to study Engineering.

What: Sign up for more information Webinar about the Master’s programmes and PhD courses at Politecnico di Milano, to learn more about the city of Milan and the requirements, opportunities and tips about the application to this university.

Speaker: Francesca Deste, International Office recruitment manager.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Education offer of Politecnico di Milano´s Art, Architecture and Engineering studies
  • How to apply for an MSc programme at Politecnico di Milano
  • Services to the international students
  • Fees and Scholarships: Politecnico di Milano offers 3 types of merit scholarships to 1 out of 6 students that apply. It also offers competitive tuition fees (based on family income) which range from €800 – €3300 euros a year.

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Business Studies is one of the best educational subjects in the world. It is an international study subject. It is an educational, academic subject that includes Accounting, Finance, Management, Human resources, and Marketing. A student can take any of these subjects to complete a business studies course. However, while reading various topics such as Accounting, Finance, Management, Human resources, and Marketing, students must face different mathematical problems and solve them. This article will discuss how students can overcome mathematical issues in business studies.

Relation between mathematics and business studies

There is a close relationship between business studies and mathematics. But it is essential to know one thing mathematics here refers to mathematical problems related to business. Arithmetical parts such as fractions, decimals, statistics, probability, etcetera are used in mathematical issues related to commerce. Students apply specific formulas in accounting and finance. In that case, online-based educational websites like Amphy Live Online Classes, Coursera, Udemy, Masterclass, etc., can help students a lot. Generally, students in the Department of Accounting and Finance use many mathematical approaches, including squares, square roots, and logarithms, to solve various business problems. Some steps to overcome mathematical problems are acquiring study skills, practicing mathematical problems, etc. So, mathematics has a close relationship with business studies.

Mathematical problems based on subjects in business studies

In business studies, we can see different mathematical problems in various subjects. Some are pure mathematical subjects, and some are both mathematical and theoretical. For example, we can say subjects like Business Mathematics and Statistics are pure mathematical subjects because these subjects are enriched with a lot of numbers and formulas. Almost in all academic subject of business studies course students have to study these subjects. Some subjects related to accounting or finance are divided according to their department. Students in the accounting department generally get a lot of chances to study different topics on accounting, finance, etc. Those subjects are known as both mathematical and theoretical. For example, Financial Management is a subject seen in the accounting and finance departments. During the reading of Financial Management, students first have to finish the well-known theoretical aspects of the concerned subject. Then the mathematical side is to finish. Accounting-related subjects in business studies such as Cost Accounting and Management Accounting help students to know about controlling costs and managerial decisions. These subjects have mathematical problems created under the fictitious names of different companies. Students learn to solve these mathematical problems and apply them in real life. So, we can see students face various mathematical problems based on their desired subjects in business studies.

Some steps to deal with mathematical problems in business studies

There are many ways to deal with mathematical problems in business studies. By following these ways, mathematical problems are overcome. Some of the essential steps are given below.

·        Acquiring study skills

We know that each problem has a specific solution. We just need to know the way to overcome the problem. Thinking of mathematical problems, the first step to achieving skills while studying. The mathematical problems that seem challenging have to be tried repeatedly by a student. Reading a mathematical book is an excellent solution to strengthen the basic foundation. Good calculator typing skills, enhancing analytical ability, etc., are reasonable steps to acquiring study skills.

Just take this problem of mathematics in finance to know this part better.

A firm is paying 500$ each quarter into a fund which pays 12 percent per year interest, compounded quarterly. How much will have accumulated in the fund by the end of the year?

Solution: The amount of the annuity at the end of the first year is

Here, R (Amount of present value) =500, I (Interest rate) =r÷m=12%÷4=3%, n=mt=4*1=4

We know amount of ordinary annuity,






To solve this problem, we need good skill in calculator typing, good in-depth knowledge in calculating ordinary annuity, analytical ability to understand all the elements. So, acquiring study skills is a good step.

·        Eliminate mathematical fear

Most business administration students are afraid of the mathematical chapters of their course. Most of them try to avoid these chapters. Moreover, some of them don’t give any answers related to mathematics in the aspects of the business. Students have to practice more to overcome the fear of math problems.

·        Practicing mathematical problems more and more

A proverb goes, “Practice makes a man perfect.” The lack of proper practice is seen among the students of business studies. If someone has a problem with any subject, practice helps get out of it. So impenetrable mathematical problems need to be practiced more and more.

·        Enhancing the ability of understanding

Most business studies students don’t understand the core concept of a mathematical question. If any slight changes exist in some questions, they can’t solve them. It is essential to understand the questions while solving mathematical problems in the test. We know that some subjects in the Business Studies course require theoretical knowledge. As a result, one must look at all the academic issues before some mathematical problems. Theoretical topics are said to understand all the necessary formulas and basic concepts. Students can achieve the main idea by reading good books.

Just take these problems to know this part better.

Problem 1

Deere & Co. purchased a machine for 100000$. It had an estimated working life of 5 years and a salvage value of 5000$. Compute rate of depreciation under diminishing balance method.

Solution: We know,

Rate of depreciation(r)=1

Where, R=Rate of depreciation

S=Salvage value

C=Initial cost of assets

So, r= 1

= 1-

=1-0.55(Approx. using log and Antilog)

=0.45 or 45%

Problem 2

Deere & Co. purchased a machine for 100000$. It had an estimated working life of 5 years and a salvage value of 5000$. Compute rate of depreciation under double declining balance method.

Solution: We know,

Annual depreciation under straight line method=

                                                                                      = =19000$

Rate of depreciation under straight line method=

∴Rate of depreciation for double declining balance method=20%*2=40%

Just see the bold part of these questions. The maximum parts of these questions are the same except the bold part. The answers and the solution method of these questions are different. So, understanding the core meaning of a question is a perfect way to overcome mathematical problems.


In conclusion, there are many steps to overcome mathematical problems, such as gaining study skills, increasing understanding, practicing more and more, etc. It is expected that students will be able to come up with more possible steps to overcome mathematical problems in the future.


Nowadays, we are focusing on distance learning. There was a moment when we didn’t know what distance learning was all about when we were in school or university. But now, in the world of advanced technology, we are seeing the introduction of online classes for distance learning. Simply put, online classes are meant to teach students through the internet. The subject of online teaching has been around before. Nowadays, taking online courses has become popular due to a deadly epidemic like Covid 19. So, the need for online classes to be effective is immense. We will discuss some tips to make online classes effective in this article.

Online class overview and some institutional examples

An online class is a method of teaching which is operated over the internet. The need to take online classes worldwide is felt for epidemics such as Covid-19. Most countries start their online teaching activities so that their students might not lose their academic year. Students who wanted to study abroad also completed online courses from their home country. Some educational institutions, such as Study abroad in Israel- BIU University, Ariel University; Studying abroad in the USA- Florida State University, University of Missouri, etc. are exceptional in taking online classes.

Some tips to make online classes effective

We know that online classes and courses are important in today’s transition. So, we need to make arrangements so that the students can learn something from the online classes. So here are some tips to make online classes effective:

Develop skills in operating online learning tools

This tip is for both students and teachers. Teachers and students need to be able to use online learning tools fluently. Anyone can learn to operate these tools by watching YouTube videos or reading good blog posts. Online learning tools like Zoom, Google Classroom, Coursera, Canvas, etc., are often updated. So, we have to adapt ourselves when using all the tools.

Proper use of audio and video

Students should use audio and video appropriately during live online classes. However, some students are reluctant to do so. The rule here is that all the students will keep their videos on, and if they need to say anything, they will ask permission. So, the tips for students are to learn how to use audio and video during class.

Ensuring a calm environment

If you want to conduct a class, you must have a quiet environment. Any kind of chaos is not desirable in this case. A teacher should maintain the atmosphere calm during the online classroom just as the environment in the school is maintained while teaching. Both students and teachers should participate in the class while maintaining a calm environment.

Recording classes and making notes

Everyone should do these two things. By recording the class, a student can review the topics taught at any time. However, a student should not be distracted by social media, video games, or other things during class. Students should listen carefully to what the teacher says and make notes. Taking notes will help students get involved with the material and better prepare for the exam.

Making all arrangements before class

This is intended for students. A student will make all the arrangements before coming to the online class. In other words, we are talking about pre-preparation here. Here are some of them:

A student

  • Will ensure a good internet connection.
  • Will arrange all the necessary books.
  • Put on headphones to hear the sound.
  • Will use laptop or mobile (laptop is not required, but it is better to have).

Final words

Online classes are a perfect opportunity to gain an academic degree. However, there are some unique challenges. Following the tips above can help you succeed even in the messiest times. It is hoped that online classes will become more widespread in the future. More new techniques and tips will come due to advanced technology.

Do you want to make a difference? Remember: Light never stays still and neither should you. As Steve Job said: “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

For all our busy international executives that are interested in leveling up their business career with an MBA, we did some research and give you some good insights about the hottest trend of the Online or Distance MBA programs:

Study an online MBAWhy you should do an Online MBA?

You shouldn’t, but you’d definitely could and that’s the important point! Recently a very successful businessman that had 27.000 employees, most of them business graduates, informed us he was looking to study an MBA program in order not to feel uncomfortable when managing people with higher education qualifications than himself. Of course, he coudn’t afford going back to the campus studies so an Online MBA was what he chose.

Why an MBA on the first place?

Research shows that the main reasons are to increase your earning potential, be more competitive when looking for senior role opportunities and learn to manage and oversee the work of your employees and heads of departments. Also, if you wish to successfully commercialize what you love doing by setting up your own business, an MBA is a must.

What’s the best timing for an MBA program?

If you already have some business experience or having your own company, you will be able to enjoy much more the benefits of an MBA. as in those cases, you’ll know what to expect from an MBA degree. Additionally, your personal ROI will be much higher as the MBA fees are an investment indeed. Regarding timing, never is a perfect moment however definitely now is better than ever as due to current market conditions the need for skilled managers are in high demand.

The 4 most popular benefits of an online MBA:

# 1 It’s never too late to become who you are

Age can be a psychological barrier as the MBA-interested individuals are unlikely to go back to class at their forties or fifties. That’s due to the lack of time, their family status and their very demanding business responsibilities, but let’s also face it: They have been away from onsite education for more than 20 years, which would definitely make them feel uncomfortable within a group at the age of their son or daughter. What would be the alternative? An online, distance or flexible MBA to tackle this issue.

Online MBA# 2 Take advantage of the extended international networking

Networking with international senior executives and managers is one of the key benefits of studying an MBA degree. An online program has the capacity to host much more international participants though, so you’ll have a bigger chance to meet representatives from more countries — an opportunity for enriching you international business knowledge and why not expanding your business?

# 3 You don’t need to move away to move forward

This is 2021 we live in — there is unlimited choice of universities to study at – and of course not everyone is able to move to a new country to gain a prestigious degree. Most well-known business schools do have a strong online version of MBA studies so you can select the best MBA for you based on your personal and professional criteria and not on the restricted location. From our research it shows that one of the best value for money MBAs currently comes from Pecs University in Hungary. Check them out here.

Study an MBA online# 4 An Online MBA can bring you closer by taking you further

If you are concerned that studying online will be like studying alone, there’s no need to worry at all. High-tech digital technologies enable dynamic interaction over the distance and the majority of the online MBA degrees offer very interactive models of studies:

    • Studio recorded lectures with notes written by the tutor so you can listen to your professor wherever you
    • Interactive live Q&A sessions with the tutor in real time
    • Workshops, discussions on course topics, consultations and presentations to tutors or exams commitees
    • Group assignments – preparation of business projects within work groups
    • Personal assignments – projects to track your advancement on a course every couple of weeks,
    • Live chats with the tutors and study assistants to answer any of your questions
    • Exams are a mix of online tests and assignments based on real time business situations.
    • An online platform – just like the faculty of a onsite university – with the curriculum, the studies timeline, the recordings, a mailbox for receiving personal evaluation and so much more included.

Do you want to find out more? Start by joining one of our upcoming Webinars on the Online MBA from Pecs University (Hungary) on the 9th of December.  Beatrix Lanyi, the Associate Professor, together with Maria Lajos (Admissions) will give insights why this new concept of this International MBA is something to consider. Join in!

Online Open Day

Luuk Mulling is an International Education Consultant with >10 years experience in the European Higher Education Market. Based in Barcelona, Webinars4you connects 100s of Universities and Business schools with potential students looking to make the right decision about their study program.

As the pandemic continues, let’s take a look at how it’s affecting student visas and scholarships for students looking to study outside their home countries.

by KC Raj – Career Counselor, KCR Consultants

The pandemic has been a nightmare for everyone, including (and maybe especially) international students. Did COVID-19 destroy your study abroad plans? Don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Several countries—including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada—have put restrictions on student visas and aren’t allowing people in from other countries, and many other nations have suspended outgoing international flights. As a result, many students who wished to study abroad have postponed their foreign education plans for the time being.

According to a Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) survey, nearly one-third of international university applicants have suffered because of the pandemic. Interestingly, the primary reason for a delay in admission isn’t the fear of traveling to a foreign country during COVID-19. Instead, almost 33% of students surveyed said that their studies had been postponed due to delays in visa applications and processing. As a prospective international university student, should you be worried about this? The answer is no—but let us tell you why.

How COVID-19 has affected international education plans

International students haven’t abandoned their idea of studying abroad. Even during a pandemic, these students were persistent with their applications to their dream colleges. For example, Indian applicants to US universities dropped only 4% in fall 2020. And despite the extreme situation, 61% of students in the previously mentioned survey are still optimistic that they might be able to start their international studies in 2021. There’s still hope that visa applications will be processed soon, with the US Department of State currently working on a backlog of visa applicants waiting for an interview. International students are looking forward to joining their colleges very soon with recent vaccine rollouts and travel restriction lifts. But if there’s been a delay in your visa application and you’re unable to attend classes physically, don’t let it get you down. There are thousands of others like you who are waiting to go abroad, and many universities are conducting online classes to ensure students don’t miss out on their studies. 

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How international scholarships have been impacted

A lot of people around the world have lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic, which has resulted in a financial crisis for hundreds of thousands. Studying at a foreign university during the pandemic and paying a large amount of fees is likely even more challenging than ever before. Many universities had no other option but to commence online classes, and many students—both domestic and international—feel that paying hefty tuition fees for online classes just isn’t worth it. Furthermore, plenty of students who opted for online instruction are still unclear about their status, and they’re wondering whether scholarships will be available for their online classes or not. The good news is universities have extended their support to international students who are unable to come to campus due to visa delays, and a lot of universities are providing fee waivers to international students even for online-only classes. Let’s look at what other measures countries are adopting to provide financial aid to international students.

United Kingdom

Have you heard about the prestigious Chevening Scholarships for studying in the United Kingdom? Did you apply for one? The UK government is trying its best to continue the Chevening Award and making sure that deserving students aren’t impacted because of COVID-19. Due to lockdown and travel restrictions, the UK government has arranged for online or telephonic interviews with Chevening scholarship applicants. In addition, many UK universities are providing tuition fee loans and financial aid to students who are willing to attend online classes.


If you’ve been accepted to an Australian university, you may not have to pay your whole tuition fee. Latrobe University offers several waivers for students to receive up to 30% off the entire tuition fee. Deakin University also announced monetary support worth $25 million (AUD) to international students. This fee waiver is also available to students who have opted for online classes. Be sure to check the websites of other Australian universities for similar announcements.


If you applied to a German university and received the DAAD scholarship but couldn’t join classes due to a visa delay, there’s good news for you too. The German government has allowed candidates to postpone the start date of their scholarship award. Also, you have the choice to transfer the DAAD scholarship to another country if you don’t want to study in Germany. However, you must consult the scholarship providers for this before making any major changes.

United States

American colleges and universities are also providing financial assistance to incoming international students. The University of Wisconsin­–Madison has created an Emergency Student Support Fund for all currently enrolled students who need financial aid due to the pandemic. The University is providing a UW–Madison Scholarship for Summer Study to prospective international students as well. And Harvard University has reduced the term-time work expectation from $1,750 to $0 for all the students who had received financial aid.


Like other countries, France has also extended support to international students. For example, French universities have increased scholarship amounts by 50% for Indian students. French universities will also provide these scholarships regardless of whether students attend online or on-campus classes in France or India. 

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While you’re waiting on your visa application…

If an embassy hasn’t approved your visa application yet and you think you won’t get the scholarship you applied for, you may want to think again. It’s reassuring to see universities all over the world taking measures to support international students. Be sure to contact your university as soon as possible to inquire about any support that they’re offering. But remember: the pandemic isn’t in anyone’s control. It’s impacted everyone somehow, so there’s no point in fretting over your application status. You need to be patient, stay informed, and remember that there’s always a silver lining. You can make the best use of this waiting period by working on yourself and being productive, regardless of whether you’re taking online classes or not. Here are a few ideas:

Keep your mind sharp

While your visa application is delayed, use this time to research more about your university and the major you’ve applied for. You could also read, write research papers, and learn new skills that will help you during your courses.

Pursue a hobby

Pursue a hobby or passion to help keep yourself productive. This will also keep you entertained and prepared to become an active member of your future university campus. You could even use your hobbies to find more scholarship opportunities to ease the financial stress of your international education.

Take up different courses

Many universities are offering free online courses on platforms like Coursera. You can also study these in addition to your own university’s online classes. Anything that supplements your education is only going to benefit you in the long run by leading to better grades, improved skills, and a brighter future. 

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If you’re planning to postpone your foreign education plans due to visa delays, you may want to approach a study abroad consultant before making a decision. You can also seek advice from study abroad consultants if you’re planning to apply to foreign universities after the pandemic or need insight into the current international study and visa application situation. But don’t be anxious if your visa application has been delayed. Soon you’ll be able to attend your college in person and achieve your educational goals, wherever they may take you!