After you have spend months researching where to study, through online research, Webinars/ blogs (like these!) etc. finally it is time to move abroad. But then suddenly your excitement can turn to nerves, obstacles and challenges.. all part of studying abroad (which personally I think is an important part of growing your confidence and character). Politecnico di Milano helps in these first months and offers a unique service to International students: the Buddy System.

What does a Buddy do? They are students already enrolled in our university, who are matched with foreign students to assist them from the phase prior to their arrival in Italy and for the first months of their stay. They are the most challenging months for people who come from a far-away country and need to adapt not only to a new academic environment but also to a culture and traditions often distant from their own.

To introduce you to the Buddy experience more closely, we met a student who had this experience last year, and who wanted to tell us about it. Her name is Martina Guarnaccia, she is a third-year student of management engineering, and she is going to graduate shortly.

[Translate to English:] Martina Guarnaccia


Thanks to an email that was sent to all the students, which explained how the project worked. And it immediately caught my interest.


I wanted to jump into something new. It seemed an interesting idea because it was also an opportunity to practice my English. And above all it would enable me to meet new people and learn about new cultures.


Yes, definitely. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. Just imagine that my friends were really envious because they wished they had applied to do it too.


His name is Mateusz, he is Polish, he studies design and was here on Erasmus. He discovered the programs of Politecnico di Milano through an informative Webinar (or Online Open Day).

We started getting to know each other a bit before he came to Italy. In mid-February, we exchanged contact details, then he arrived in early March and stayed until the end of June.


They show new international students how things work at the Politecnico and help them to find their feet when they first get here. It’s difficult at first at university for all new students, even more so for someone who arrives from abroad and finds himself immersed in Italian culture for the first time.

My first job was to act as a guide, helping Mateusz to navigate the classrooms, labs, lectures and exams. If he needed to know anything, he sent me a message on WhatsApp asking for help. Even when he couldn’t understand someone who was talking too fast, he sometimes recorded it and sent me the audio so I could explain what they were saying.


In addition to the academic side, there is obviously also social life. I introduced him to my friends, we met several times after lectures for lunch or aperitifs, to show him a bit of life in Milan outside of the university lecture halls.

I showed him around Milan. He also came to see me in Monza; I took him to the park of the royal palace. He was captivated by the squirrels, which were running about although it was very cold.

The Buddy department also sent us regular ideas for fun group activities, to do together with other students and other buddies.

[Translate to English:] Martina Guarnaccia
[Translate to English:] Mateusz con la famiglia di Martina Guarnaccia
[Translate to English:] Martina Guarnaccia
[Translate to English:] Mateusz con la famiglia di Martina Guarnaccia
[Translate to English:] Martina Guarnaccia


We became friends right away and we continue to stay in touch even now that he is back in Poland.

At Easter, he came to my home for lunch, where he met my family. My parents have always been open to new people and cultures. He was so lovely, he showed up with roses for my mum and wine for my dad.

My Sicilian grandmother was there, who does not speak English. I tried to act as a language intermediary, but there was almost no need. She told him riddles in Sicilian and he had fun trying to repeat them. He was also a source of great satisfaction for my family in the kitchen: he absolutely loved Sicilian cooking!

We have formed a really lovely friendship, which will last, even if it is just to say hi and ask each other how we are. Will we see one another again in September, in Milan, Warsaw, London? Who knows!


At a certain point, he had to go back to Warsaw. When he came back to Milan, he had to move to a new area. I went to pick him up at the airport and found him standing in the middle of a pile of huge boxes that didn’t fit in my little Panda. We really had no idea how to get all these clothes in the car, and we spent the journey laughing, jam-packed in the middle of packages and things flying about from one side to the other.


At the end of this period as a Buddy, I can say that I am really happy with the experience. I did not expect to find someone who also wanted to form a friendship, as well as needing practical help. It also depends on the mutual attitude of the people: in our case, we were lucky.

It is a project that benefits both sides. “You help me in English and I’ll help you in Italian,” we said to each other. Practising English daily helps a lot in getting to grips with the language. He even learned some Italian.


As you’ll probably have gathered, definitely yes.

After meeting Mateusz and seeing what a lovely bond we had created, my friends were really interested in this project. Even my parents are always asking after him now.

I wanted to jump into a new experience that would also allow me to practice my English and get in touch with new people and cultures. My expectations were even exceeded.


I learned about the Buddy system from my friends who were on Erasmus in previous years, and it was definitely a very helpful service.

Martina turned out to be very helpful. I didn’t think that much. She even helped me pick up my luggage from the first apartment and picked me up and my mom at the airport when she came to visit me. Additionally, through her I met other students from our university. It is completely different when you come as a tourist and don’t know anyone, and when you know someone local.

A great friendship was born for sure. I’m waiting for Martina to visit me in London or Warsaw!

A good reception can really be crucial for a student who comes from abroad. If you want to help out too, you can apply to become a Buddy, the companion who will be his/her point of reference before arrival and during the first period of acclimatization.

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When choosing a career, it’s significant to go for a field that is meaningful to you, but if you need a market insight about the market trends by 2025, here it is!


1. Data Analysis
Data Analyst

Tracking. Collecting. Analysising. The future is all about information and Data Analysts will keep becoming increasingly needed in all industries by 2025. The age of data has just begun and companies are applying hightech methods that allow them to better understand their clients, competitors and industries. By getting their hands on more information, they gain market insights that ensure them a more strategic positioning in the market place.

E.g. become a Data Analyst after the Diploma from the Toronto School of Management!

2. Business and Product Design

Cheers to the creative ones! One of the top skills that will be in very high demand by 2025 is creativity. The
monotonous jobs will be automated, but the creative roles still require a talented human. Thus, commercial and industrial designers will be extremely wanted. From developing appliances to designing cars, research and innovation are the keys to new breakthroughs in technology, business, medicine, manufacturing, and many other fields.


3. Computer Technology and Engineering

#eEducation #eTourism #eMedicine #elife. Today, high speed advanced computer systems and networks are required in all fields and the trend is spreading in all industries. By 2025 there will be an even stronger demand for computer technologists, engineers and networking specialists who can establish competitive technological advantages for their organisations.

E.g. find your Engineering degree from Politecnico di Milano here!

4. Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering

The aging population and the concentrated efforts against the very serious health issues of today’s society is driving demand for advanced bioscience pharmaceutical solutions as well as medical devices and equipment designed by highly qualified biomedical engineers. New hightech diagnostic instruments and implants, artificial organs and biomedical devices will need to be designed and developed following extented research and testing by bioscientists and biomedical engineers.


 5. Veterinary
Best paid careers

Only in the USA the need for veterinarians will be increasing by over 35% by 2025.  The increasing respect towards animals and pets will be contributing towards improved veterinary medical pet services and products. Students considering a career in veterinary medicine can expect to work in a fun environement that they will love right around the corner.


6. Physical Therapy

Aging baby boomers are the future of the physical therapy professionals as thanks to medicine advancements more people will survive traumas left by health problems like heart attacks and strokes by 2025. Strong future growth is expected in both employment and turnover and this is also easily explained by the current increasing trend of turning to more natural ways of healing like physiotherapy of course.


Of course the trends are changing every month so if you want us to keep you updated, be smart and subscribe to our NEWSLETTER!

You want to study abroad and don’t know where? Or you did already study abroad and want to repeat the time of your life? Studying abroad means collecting the best memories while being a student. You should take this opportunity and learn what Europe has got to offer.

1. Study ´la dolce vita´

Italy is one of the highest valued countries to study abroad and not without reason. It has a great lifestyle, for all the famous obvious reasons, as well as provides a solid high quality Education. Especially in the northern capital of Lombardy Milan, where we find many top-ranked Universities such as Politecnico di Milano, MIP Milano, Universita Cattolica and University di Pavia. You can study in ancient buildings with great atmosphere, motivating you to make a place in history whilst enjoying the latest trends in fashion, technology and dining in the best restaurants or zipping on a ´Spritz´ in great value for money ´Aperitivos´. 

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2. Oktoberfest is calling 

Munich is one the most visited cities in Germany. That’s one of the many reasons why a great number of students all over the world decide to study there. Because of the strong economy, a lot of well-known companys like BMW are based there. So you have opportunites to enhance your degree by doing an internship. And what else? Well the Germans are famous for their beer, so don’t wait and live in a city with the biggest beer festival of the world! You will also get to partake in the unique Bavarian culture. And since it’s located in the South of Germany, you don’t have to worry about the cold weather. In summer it can be up to 30 degrees. 

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3. Joie de vivre in France 

Do you like fashion, quality lifestyle, baguettes and wine? Then France is for you! Even if you don’t, France offer many cities, besides Paris, where you can combine a nice cultural lifestyle with your studies. The universities are some of the best in Europe. Studying there, you will have the chance to learn the language of love that will give you a big plus in your CV. In Paris you see a lot of different cultures living together in peace, so you will meet intellectuals from all over the world and gain an international mindset. Also we can highlight other cities such as Poitiers which are very well worth to check out due to better value for money study destinations.

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4. Siesta and fiesta in Gaudi’s city

Barcelona is not only loved by tourists. International students enjoy the student life in the capital city of the Catalan Province. The universities in Barcelona are historically recognized. If business and marketing are your passions, then you have a varied selction of renowned business schools. Is Spanish not one of your native languages? Don’t worry, you can live in this international place using English, or you can choose to enroll in one of the many Spanish courses available in the city! During your spare time, you will be able to embrace the vibrant culture and unique nightlife of Barcelona as well the beaches in and around the city.

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5. Study in the heart of Europe 

Why not combine all of these cities in 1 study?

Yes you read that right, that is now possible via new programs brought to you by the European Union called ´EC2U´. They allow you to study in Germany, France, Italy as well as Portugal, Romania and Spain!

Get the best student-life you can dream of whilst studying for example European languages, cultures and societies or Sustainable Cities and Communities or Lifelong Well-being and Healthy Ageing.

Online Open Days

If you want to study abroad and need more information, then you should have a look at our upcoming Online Open Days . These interactive sessions will give you all the details about the universities and get you a step closer to finding your dream programme to study abroad. Dont wait, sign up today!

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Looking for a change of scenery? Dreaming of a life and a career in Canada?

Then we have good news for you! As you can study & work at the Canadian College of Technology and Business (CCTB) in the following fields:

  • Cybersecurity Risk Management with Co-op
  • Data Engineering and Analytics with Co-op
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist with Co-op
  • Diploma in Business Management Co-op (Daytime and Evening Options)
  • Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Co-op (Daytime and Evening Options)

CCTB is one of the main Canadian colleges choice among international students and it is especially known for its focus on the employability of the students, taking into consideration the changing global economy.

By registering here you can already get most information regarding the programs, benefits, housing, career services etc. and get in contact when interested:

CCTB Study in Canada

Below excerpt is a part of an EAIE blog article by WIM GABRIELS, Director Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

The last few years have seen several policy proposals at the European level related to higher education. Since the Sorbonne speech by President Macron in 2017, there has been a renewed interest in developing European policies that help to strengthen the higher education sector, make it more internationalised and prepare it to equip students and researchers with the right competencies to tackle the challenges of today’s world.

The student body is diverse and one size fits nobody

What do European students think about all these new initiatives? The European student movement has been quite vocal and involved in the implementation of flagship initiatives such as the European Universities Initiative, with organisations such as the European Students’ Union and our own Erasmus Student Network endorsing the processes, while expressing clear demands for student involvement, inclusion measures and democratic processes, among others.

Student perspectives

When it comes to the overall European youth, in 2018 the European Commission carried out a Flash Eurobarometer on the European Education Area in which young Europeans clearly expressed their support for the underlying principles behind some of the key policy priorities in international higher education: automatic recognition of qualifications (91% agree it would be useful); the creation of “EU Degrees delivered by networks of European Universities, offering the chance to study in different EU countries, with a flexible choice of courses or modules offered within the network” (93% agreed); work in innovative projects across disciplines; a European student card; and language learning. In the survey, young people were not asked about the technicalities of the proposals but about the objectives – which are indeed hard to oppose – but still, the level of support is remarkable.

Students want to engage, collaborate and build on their personal development

When we combine data from different Eurobarometers with our own ESNsurveys and other research projects such as SIEM, we observe certain trends that should be considered when designing student engagement strategies. Students do want to engage, collaborate and build on their personal development. Before reinventing the wheel in the internationalisation field we should prioritise making this interaction a reality, inside and outside of the classroom.

The ESNsurvey 2016 clearly shows that international and local students alike feel that they do not interact enough with their counterparts, and they would like to do so more often. More attention is needed to how universities (and especially university alliances) ensure that these interactions happen in a meaningful way. The biggest asset of an impactful internationalisation strategy is a diverse and international classroom where students from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life learn from each other and cooperate to find inclusive and sustainable solutions.

Engaging with communities

Universities have a social responsibility to contribute to societal challenges with research activities and educating students with intercultural competences and leadership skills, instilling a sense of agency in students. In order to achieve this, community-engaged learning that puts civic engagement at its core should be prioritised. Policy initiatives such as the European Strategy for Universities have put civic engagement in the spotlight, and rightly so. Many great practices exist, but systematic implementation is still lacking.

Policy initiatives such as the European Strategy for Universities have put civic engagement in the spotlight, and rightly so

The topic can be approached from many angles but the bottom line is quite straightforward: encourage and support students to dedicate part of their education to contributing to their local community, and ensure a meaningful learning experience that is connected to learning objectives and is properly recognised with credits that count toward their degree. This offers the opportunity for a cross-sectoral approach engaging in a meaningful way with community stakeholders. In internationalisation of higher education it offers better integration opportunities for international students and a meaningful Internationalisation at Home experience for the local participants. The topic of community-engaged learning was explored in the SocialErasmus+ project, creating materials that are open to all higher education institutions. The importance of methodologies used by academics and university staff to facilitate this type of engagement supersedes the channels used, whether virtual, hybrid or physical.

As part of the broader civic engagement discussion, special attention to the participation of local students in international networks will help them develop relevant competences, create connections and live an international experience from their home universities. The methodology can be implemented in a flexible format, adjusting topics to the student’s and community’s needs and interests, ranging from sustainability to inclusion. There is no better way of boosting challenge-based education than confronting students with real-life cases that members of their community face.

Giving students an agency

Empowering students with a sense of ownership and agency over the role they play in society is key to responsibilising communities. At the beginning of April, the Erasmus Student Network organised the largest student-led conference in the field of international education, the Erasmus Generation Meeting. In this event, participants were able to define their own learning paths, selecting from a wide range of topics, from supporting Ukrainian students to organising trips for large groups. The student body is diverse and one size fits nobody: not everyone can be a traditional student representative, but every single student can benefit from closer international collaboration with peers from different realities. What students need is to engage in collaborative experiences with peers that help them to develop a sense of belonging to a community and agency to set up new initiatives.

If we want to tackle the societal challenges we face today, the Erasmus+ programme needs to encourage students to be active participants during their exchange by volunteering and engaging with their host community. This experience will make each Erasmus student an ambassador of the programme and its message, multiplying the results of the investment in each participant ensuring impactful internationalisation for all.

Are you considering a career in finance and want to learn more about it? Well, we’ve put together the following guide featuring all the information you need to know about careers in finance, the different career paths there are to choose from, and how to get started. Keep reading to find out more.

Pros of a career in Finance

There are a number of benefits that can be earned through a career in finance. Although there are a few different avenues within finance you can choose to specialize in (we will cover these later in the post), they all generally have a high earning potential. Most finance-based jobs have good security and are in high demand. Finance is important globally, so should you wish to move to a different area or even country, it’s likely you won’t struggle too much to find employment. There is also the opportunity for you to choose to become self-employed, so you can have greater work flexibility around the rest of your life.  You are not constrained to one career path within finance, there are multiple options to choose from, which allows you to find something you are interested in.

Consider taking Finance courses

Most finance employers will be looking for some professional qualifications and experience. So you should consider taking some executive finance courses to help you get started in a career in the finance industry. There are a variety of financial courses you can take, so you’ll be able to find a course with the content and knowledge you need to specialize in your chosen area of finance. Whether you’re completely new to finance or you’ve already got some experience, it’s always useful to boost your level of knowledge and benefit your career.


A good way to help you get into the world of finance is to network as much as possible. This will allow you to meet others in the finance industry and learn from their experience and expertise. It will also give you the opportunity to learn more about the different types of careers in finance, to help you get an idea of what path you would like to go down.

Investment Banking

One of the areas you can choose to go into in finance is investment banking. As an investment banker, you will be involved with helping companies and corporations raise money for projects, expansion, and investments. You will be the person providing financial advice for these scenarios.

Managing Portfolios

This career path involves you managing the investment portfolios of individuals or companies. You will need to be able to balance risks and rewards across investments, and have a keen eye for a good investment. You will have to tailor the portfolio to the goals of the individual you’re working for, and ensure their investments are achieving their desired results. As well as choosing the initial investments, you will monitor them to track their performance and balance any risks.

Financial Planning And Advice

This area of finance involves you giving tailored advice to individuals based on their financial goals. This can cover a range of subjects, such as:

  • Investing
  • Business
  • Retirement
  • Savings
  • Taxes

This means you may specialize in a certain topic within financial advising, but it’s good to have a solid knowledge of all areas. Finance can be a great choice of career that comes with many benefits. We hope this post has been helpful in providing you with some information on how to get started in your finance career.

Creativity and innovation are crucial for success in almost any area of professional activity, and students try to develop them through their college courses. One of the most common assignments that aim to develop these qualities is creating an original essay. However, limitations on this assignment make it more difficult than it can seem. For instance, essay topics can be pretty general, and students need to discuss well-known arguments or ideas repetitively to make them look more innovative. Still, the AI writing service can provide additional support for students who need to solve the originality issue.

AI creates innovative and original essays — myth or reality

AI has become helpful in many areas of people’s everyday lives – we use it without noticing while scrolling through our social media feeds or typing our questions into search engines. Still, the AI’s ability to create something new and original remains a developing feature. Aside from the philosophical aspect of this question, the practical application of AI for creative purposes includes using it as a free essay writer as well. Although the mechanism of this ability may seem strange for a person that is not familiar with the AI functioning and organization, here are several benefits of the AI-based essay writing service:

  • The originality of content. The AI can improve the text’s originality and inspire discussing a well-known idea in a new and unexpected way. As many essay topics can repeat within different courses or partially resemble one another, students can need help with rephrasing and re-expressing their ideas, and the AI writing service may be helpful in this case.
  • Broad database. The AI quickly processes numerous sources in the topic chosen and makes it quicker than an ordinary writer. Although a person can know a lot, their memory can sometimes fail, while the same can hardly happen to the AI. Thus, the AI service information sources are almost uncountable.
  • Automatization of services. Automatization makes the essay creation process more convenient and less time-consuming. Besides, it reduces the probability of errors or losses during the essay delivery process.

Consequently, the auto writer for essays is a reality rather than a myth. Nevertheless, improvement is possible, as the current AI does not possess the level of abstract thinking compatible with the human one. Unwritten essays need checking and reviewing to avoid accidental stylistic or clarity issues. However, they are based on the variety of sources available and have a high degree of originality, so students who struggle with the creation of innovative works can use them as a help for their studies.

The best writing service for when you need a rewrite

Essay topics sometimes can be repetitive, especially when it comes to consequent courses that follow one after the other. Although professors will teach you new writing techniques and improve your skills, they need to check what you have learned before. Sometimes, you have written the essay on the same topic, and you would like to use the same arguments and thesis statement – but you need to submit original work. It is possible to create an entirely new essay from scratch, but this approach can be time-consuming and exhausting, especially when you have other courses to complete, so using essay help can be a helpful decision.

An essay rewriter can help you solve this problem and create an original essay using AI algorithms. Considering the similar content of numerous writing courses available in different colleges and universities, the topics of the essays can be partially comparable as well. The AI uses these essays as a basis to “learn” essay-writing and create an original text based on them. Of course, the writing process includes not only parsing and mixing, but processing of new information to reach desired essay structure and complexity.

Nevertheless, such an essay rewriter is not a complete replacement for the human writer, as it simplifies the writing process and facilitates reaching the originality of the text, but it does not create a work-ready for the submission. Academic integrity requires students’ authorship of the text, which applies to using AI-based services. In this case, you can use the essay writing service to analyze your writing quality or make it more innovative, but it’s not a thing you can ask “write my essay for me.” It is possible to create original content using one’s effort, and the AI service provides valuable help in reaching this purpose.

How innovative content can help you succeed as a writer or student

An innovative approach and original content are vital for writing a good essay. The essay structure can differ depending on the specific purpose and style required, but an original idea creates a core of the text that becomes the central point of its development. Although the idea itself can be relatively straightforward, such as “Global warming is dangerous for our planet” or “Smoking leads to a higher risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases,” it is essential to explain it originally to avoid repetitions or unintentional plagiarism. Here is advice that can help manage this job without additional struggles:

  1. Create a simple outline. If your outline contains primarily general and widespread thoughts, it’s okay. This is the moment when you build up the silhouette of your future essay, so there is no need to aim for perfection at the moment.
  2. Think about your arguments. You need to find unexpected and persuasive arguments to persuade your readers about the validity of this viewpoint. Peer-reviewed journals or governmental statistics, proper source referencing, and a clear writing style can come in handy for this purpose. 
  3. Rephrase the ideas of your writing. However, to reach originality, you need to find your words that will not copy the sources you have drawn inspiration from when writing your essay. Try to find other phrases or structures and preserve only terms or citations if necessary.

To reach more impressive results in creating original essays, you can use the help of originality online writing services. These services can screen through numerous papers available and help you rephrase your text and increase its originality. Nevertheless, it is important to check the essay thoroughly after using these services. Although the AI is skilled enough to create meaningful, comprehensive, and original texts according to users’ requests, minor errors rarely occur. Still, using AI services is a convenient way to improve the originality of your writing.

Study online Master in Data Science from UTEC/ MIT

Deciding where to study and in which school invest is a tough decision, this is why LinkedIn detected the necessity of creating a report that can serve as a guide for students and parents to decide which school to choose in order to obtain a desirable job after graduation.

Just recently the LinkedIn University Rankings Based on Career Outcomes − Undergraduate rankings in the United States came out. This report analyzed millions of alumni profiles to find out how schools stack up across a variety of careers and to determine which schools in the United States are best at launching graduates into desirable jobs.

How LinkedIn obtained the results of this ranking?

LinkedIn team found the top schools for each field of study: First, they identified the top companies where professionals from each professional career are choosing to work. Next, they found people on LinkedIn who work as a professional in X career and saw where they went to school. Finally, for each school, they found the percentage of these alumni who’ve landed to these jobs at these top companies, then compared the percentages to come up with the list.

From University to Career − The results of the ranking

The LinkedIn University Rankings Based on Career Outcomes − Undergraduate rankings in the United States report highlighted the careers of Accounting, Finance, Design, Marketing, Software Development & Media as the the top careers launching graduates into desirable jobs. After LinkedIn team analyzed  the millions of alumni profiles, these were the results:

Retail Management

  1. University of Pennsylvania, 96,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. University of Wisconsin, 75,500 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Purdue University, 90,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Oklahoma State University, 42,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Brenau University, 33,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn


  1. Carnegie Mellon University, 70, 200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. School of Visual Arts, 31, 200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. College of Creative Studies, 7,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Art Center College of Design, 19,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. University of Washington, 233,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Finance Professionals

  1. University of pennsylvania, 123,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Yale University, 79,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Georgetown University, 89,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Princeton University, 56,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Columbia University in the City of New York, 112,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Investment Bankers

  1. Georgetown University, 89,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. University of pennsylvania, 123,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Yale University, 79,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Duke University, 81,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Columbia University in the City of New York, 112,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn


  1. University of Pennsylvania, 123,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. University of Michigan, 242, 300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Harvard University, 154,200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. New York University, 266,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Cornell University, 170,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Media Professionals

  1. New York University, 266,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Hofstra University, 59,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Duke University, 81,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Howard University, 49,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Northwestern University, 118, 600 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Software Developers

  1. Carnegie Mellon University, 70,200 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Caltech, 19,700 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Cornell University, 170,000 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 100,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. Princeton University, 56,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn

Software Developers at Startups

  1. Standford University, 148,300 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 100,400 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  3. Brown University, 58,800 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  4. Princeton University, 56,600 students & alumni on LinkedIn
  5. University of California, Berkeley, 287, 400 students & alumni on LinkedIn


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Did you know that Milan is one of the largest economic and cultural centres in Italy and Europe? And did you know that Politecnico di Milano is a historic university ranked 1st in Italy, in the top 30 worldwide and top 10 in Europe for technical institutions?

With more than 30 master’s courses taught completely in English in engineering, product and interior design, architecture and more, Politecnico di Milano offers students the chance to work with notable international faculty, live in the stunning city of Milan and its surround, and study at an historic university. It offers merit-based scholarships (full tuition waivers plus additional funding) to exceptionally talented students.

Who should attend: Students who want to study Engineering.

What: Sign up for more information Webinar about the Master’s programmes and PhD courses at Politecnico di Milano, to learn more about the city of Milan and the requirements, opportunities and tips about the application to this university.

Speaker: Francesca Deste, International Office recruitment manager.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Education offer of Politecnico di Milano´s Art, Architecture and Engineering studies
  • How to apply for an MSc programme at Politecnico di Milano
  • Services to the international students
  • Fees and Scholarships: Politecnico di Milano offers 3 types of merit scholarships to 1 out of 6 students that apply. It also offers competitive tuition fees (based on family income) which range from €800 – €3300 euros a year.

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Business Studies is one of the best educational subjects in the world. It is an international study subject. It is an educational, academic subject that includes Accounting, Finance, Management, Human resources, and Marketing. A student can take any of these subjects to complete a business studies course. However, while reading various topics such as Accounting, Finance, Management, Human resources, and Marketing, students must face different mathematical problems and solve them. This article will discuss how students can overcome mathematical issues in business studies.

Relation between mathematics and business studies

There is a close relationship between business studies and mathematics. But it is essential to know one thing mathematics here refers to mathematical problems related to business. Arithmetical parts such as fractions, decimals, statistics, probability, etcetera are used in mathematical issues related to commerce. Students apply specific formulas in accounting and finance. In that case, online-based educational websites like Amphy Live Online Classes, Coursera, Udemy, Masterclass, etc., can help students a lot. Generally, students in the Department of Accounting and Finance use many mathematical approaches, including squares, square roots, and logarithms, to solve various business problems. Some steps to overcome mathematical problems are acquiring study skills, practicing mathematical problems, etc. So, mathematics has a close relationship with business studies.

Mathematical problems based on subjects in business studies

In business studies, we can see different mathematical problems in various subjects. Some are pure mathematical subjects, and some are both mathematical and theoretical. For example, we can say subjects like Business Mathematics and Statistics are pure mathematical subjects because these subjects are enriched with a lot of numbers and formulas. Almost in all academic subject of business studies course students have to study these subjects. Some subjects related to accounting or finance are divided according to their department. Students in the accounting department generally get a lot of chances to study different topics on accounting, finance, etc. Those subjects are known as both mathematical and theoretical. For example, Financial Management is a subject seen in the accounting and finance departments. During the reading of Financial Management, students first have to finish the well-known theoretical aspects of the concerned subject. Then the mathematical side is to finish. Accounting-related subjects in business studies such as Cost Accounting and Management Accounting help students to know about controlling costs and managerial decisions. These subjects have mathematical problems created under the fictitious names of different companies. Students learn to solve these mathematical problems and apply them in real life. So, we can see students face various mathematical problems based on their desired subjects in business studies.

Some steps to deal with mathematical problems in business studies

There are many ways to deal with mathematical problems in business studies. By following these ways, mathematical problems are overcome. Some of the essential steps are given below.

·        Acquiring study skills

We know that each problem has a specific solution. We just need to know the way to overcome the problem. Thinking of mathematical problems, the first step to achieving skills while studying. The mathematical problems that seem challenging have to be tried repeatedly by a student. Reading a mathematical book is an excellent solution to strengthen the basic foundation. Good calculator typing skills, enhancing analytical ability, etc., are reasonable steps to acquiring study skills.

Just take this problem of mathematics in finance to know this part better.

A firm is paying 500$ each quarter into a fund which pays 12 percent per year interest, compounded quarterly. How much will have accumulated in the fund by the end of the year?

Solution: The amount of the annuity at the end of the first year is

Here, R (Amount of present value) =500, I (Interest rate) =r÷m=12%÷4=3%, n=mt=4*1=4

We know amount of ordinary annuity,






To solve this problem, we need good skill in calculator typing, good in-depth knowledge in calculating ordinary annuity, analytical ability to understand all the elements. So, acquiring study skills is a good step.

·        Eliminate mathematical fear

Most business administration students are afraid of the mathematical chapters of their course. Most of them try to avoid these chapters. Moreover, some of them don’t give any answers related to mathematics in the aspects of the business. Students have to practice more to overcome the fear of math problems.

·        Practicing mathematical problems more and more

A proverb goes, “Practice makes a man perfect.” The lack of proper practice is seen among the students of business studies. If someone has a problem with any subject, practice helps get out of it. So impenetrable mathematical problems need to be practiced more and more.

·        Enhancing the ability of understanding

Most business studies students don’t understand the core concept of a mathematical question. If any slight changes exist in some questions, they can’t solve them. It is essential to understand the questions while solving mathematical problems in the test. We know that some subjects in the Business Studies course require theoretical knowledge. As a result, one must look at all the academic issues before some mathematical problems. Theoretical topics are said to understand all the necessary formulas and basic concepts. Students can achieve the main idea by reading good books.

Just take these problems to know this part better.

Problem 1

Deere & Co. purchased a machine for 100000$. It had an estimated working life of 5 years and a salvage value of 5000$. Compute rate of depreciation under diminishing balance method.

Solution: We know,

Rate of depreciation(r)=1

Where, R=Rate of depreciation

S=Salvage value

C=Initial cost of assets

So, r= 1

= 1-

=1-0.55(Approx. using log and Antilog)

=0.45 or 45%

Problem 2

Deere & Co. purchased a machine for 100000$. It had an estimated working life of 5 years and a salvage value of 5000$. Compute rate of depreciation under double declining balance method.

Solution: We know,

Annual depreciation under straight line method=

                                                                                      = =19000$

Rate of depreciation under straight line method=

∴Rate of depreciation for double declining balance method=20%*2=40%

Just see the bold part of these questions. The maximum parts of these questions are the same except the bold part. The answers and the solution method of these questions are different. So, understanding the core meaning of a question is a perfect way to overcome mathematical problems.


In conclusion, there are many steps to overcome mathematical problems, such as gaining study skills, increasing understanding, practicing more and more, etc. It is expected that students will be able to come up with more possible steps to overcome mathematical problems in the future.