Moving to a new country is always stressful, especially when you have no friends there and you don’t speak the language. Add on the stress associated with your studies and you may find things quite overwhelming. Luckily, there are some easy and ways to deal with the studying abroad stress that will make your study time in Thailand much more enjoyable!


Study Abroad in ThailandStay organized

Being overloaded with assignments, deadlines and exams can be a bad headache for many students. Being organized is the best way to stay on top of everything. Use a planner to allocate time for all your different tasks, so they are completed in advance. Leaving an assignment for the very last night is sure to cause a lot of last minute panicking.


Stay in touch

Being in regular communication with your friends and family back home is a great way to reduce stress. The people that care about the most can give you a lot of support and help talk you through your problems. Feelings of isolation and loneliness can also manifest themselves as stress and staying in touch with those back home is a great way to manage these emotions.

Scheduling weekly online meetings with people is an ideal way to organize your communications, otherwise it may never happen. Remember, take into account the time difference, when selecting a time that will work for both of you.


Study abroad in ThailandGet out and be social

You need to keep in touch with people back home, but don’t obsess over it. Take it upon yourself to network within your new locale. Even if you don’t speak the language, many Thai people can speak English. There are also many foreigners living in Thailand and probably you’ll be able to meet them at your university or place of studies. Get out and about to make friends as forming a social circle is a great way to deal with stress and anxiety!

Furthermore, never refuse an invitation when you first arrive in Thailand. This does not mean you should be out partying every night, but you need to use these opportunities as an efficient way to integrate yourself into some social groups. Lastly, join some sport clubs or groups. These are all great ways to meet like minded people and expand your friendships.


Study Abroad in ThailandMake sure you get enough rest

You need balance in your life. Playing three different sports, while also partying every night is likely to lead to a breakdown. While it’s great to be active and outgoing, it’s also important to schedule periods of rest and relaxation into your lifestyle. Plan time to yourself, to read a book, listen to music, go for a walk, or whatever else helps you unwind is crucial. Also, aim for 7-9 hours of sleep every night.


Take advantage of counseling services

While studying in Thailand you will have access to student health services. If the stress is really becoming overwhelming, then get in touch with them to help. A few sessions with a professional counselor can help you put things into perspective and clear your head of worries.


Make the most out of Thailand

Remember, you are in Thailand, a place where travelers from all over the world flock to for a relaxing holiday. You will discover that the variety of experiences awaiting you are certain to free your mind from worry. Go get a massage, try a new Thai dish, visit some of the cultural sites or take a trip to the beach!


Consider meditation

This technique has been used worldwide by millions to reduce stress and anxiety. When undertaking meditation your heart rate drops, muscles relax, and your breathing becomes slower and deeper. This has a positive effect on your brain chemistry, while also reducing stress hormones throughout your whole body.

If you have never tried meditation before, then why not give it a try? Start with just a few minutes a day and work your way up to greater lengths of time. There are also groups you can join in Thailand, where you can learn the basics from an experienced practitioner.


Have A Great Time Abroad

Your studying abroad time in Thailand will be a unique opportunity to acquire new skills, meet new people, and experience an amazing culture. You don’t want rising stress levels to hold you back, so take these key tips into consideration. Hopefully they will help make your time studying abroad an amazing and enjoyable experience!

Are you interested in studying in Thailand? Bromsgrove International School invites you to get to know them and receive further tips and advice from Punyaa Metharom who has been teaching English and Writing the last eight years.

Online Open Days

For more destination, universities and specific program information, you are welcome to join our free Online Open Days or watch or Recorded Webinars with high profile universities worldwide! Take a minute and register today!


Online Open Day - Study abroad

Would you buy a car without test-driving it first? Would you rent a flat with viewing it? Or would you buy an expensive dress without trying it on? If the answer is no, then how come you would invest on your BA, MA or MBA study abroad program without having “tested” it first?

The reality

Online Open Day - Study AbroadUniversity students dropping school is a pretty big issue in most of the countries. Times Higher Education reports that the rise of the UK university dropout rate was disappointing for 2016 as based on the Higher Education Statistics Agency data, six per cent of young first degree entrants fail to advance to second year.

The same for Australia: According to au, the amount of the Australians making the wrong decision about their future keeps increasing and the university dropout rate is worsening with around one in three students failing to complete their studies.

The advice

If you are a student planning to move on with your studies abroad, you don’t need to get too worried about the above data, but you definitely have to take it into account in order to do your research as extensively as you can. How? Search online and then visit the academic institution to explore the campus, get a sense of what the university life is like and learn more about the program you are interested in. You can’t do that due to limited budget or time? No problem:

The Online Open Day

Don’t worry, there’s always a solution and here is our recommendation: Attend an Online Open Day, a no cost 1-hour live webinar with a university or business school of your choice about all the academic, professional and social aspects of your selected program.


Online Open Day - Study abroad

The feedback

To give you some insight, The Study Abroad Portal asked its international students how the Online Open Days have helped them to make the right decision and why not taking advantage of the opportunity would be a mistake:

Why not attending an Online Open Day is a big mistake?

Online Open Day Study Abroad#1 As professional as it should be?

First of all, an Online Open Day is the window to the university’s professionalism. Does the university deliver an excellent informative presentation that conveys quality, seriousness, decication and expertise? You wouldn’t invest your money, time and efforts on an institution that cannot excell at that, would you? (Jia Zhao, 31, China, MBA)


#2 Engagement counts

An Online Open Day shows you if the university really cares about your future. Who is representing the school? Are any current students invited? Do they take the time to answer your questions during the Q&A session? An Online Open Day is a great chance to make conclusions on the engagement of both staff and students and missing it would be a mistake.
(Alina Gayazova, 24, Russia, Master´s in Marketing)


#3 Ask the right person not just the one available

Normally, the team assigned to answer your questions about a specific program is the admissions or recruitment department, but when you are serious about your studies you really need to talk with the right people, the professors, and that´s the case on an Online Open Day. Not going for this great chance is something you might regret in the future. (Maxime Desarmenien, 20, France, Master in Economics)


Online Open Day - Study Abroad#4 No more stress please

The university research is a stressful process but an Online Open Day saves you money, time and energy. You can login from home, school or work and you can also always attend the recorded version. By ensuring quick, comfortable and stress-free access to info normally difficult to find, it takes away the pressure and help you make the right choice with a calm mind. So why let stress overwhelm you when there’s a webinar to take it off?
(Joan Kaloudi, 29, USA, Master in Applied Mathematics)


#5 Innovation drives the world and me — what about my university?

Personally, I´m interested in studying Product Design and Innovation so it´s very important to know that the university I´ll choose for my studies abroad leads by example by using the innovative tools available, to market their own product, in this case, the online webinars. Technology is key for me, so is great to be able to do my research following the latest trends and not doing that would be a clear sign of have been left behind.
(Demetra Michael, 17, Cyprus, Bachelor in Product Design)


Online Open Day - Study abroad

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Are you looking to study abroad?

Are you passionate about Technology, Computer Science or Engineering?

Then, all the roads lead to Eindhoven.

In the last ten years, the number of the international students in the Netherlands increased by over 70%. As the country with the largest offer of English-taught programmes in the continental Europe, the Netherlands keep warmly inviting the talented international students to their 13 Research and 39 Applied Science universities that rank exceptionally well every year.
Study in Eindhoven

For law studies, the Hague, for economics, Utrecht and for innovation and technology? It’s Eindhoven, one of the top ten innovative European regions, with its high-tech hub area, Brainport, leading the way:

  • Brainport’s economy grows 1,5 faster than the rest of the Netherlands
  • The region of Brainport invests more than 5 billion euros on innovation projects
  • Brainport has 4480 first year science students

We asked some of these students why they chose Eindhoven for their studies and this is what they told us:

#1 The Country of the Future

Eindhoven and the Netherlands in general, offers a very good quality of life that respects both humans and animals: It has the world’s first solar-powered bike lane, electric cars are tremStudy in Eindhovenendously increasing, the authorities are going to ban the sales of diesel-powered cars and on the highways there are crossings for the wildlife living in the forests, the so called ecoducts.

#2 The City to be

Eindhoven is the technological paradise for all those that are passionate about innovation, science, energy, sustainability and mobility and the students are directly enjoying the benefits of this fact. Taking pride of a very significant share of the Dutch economy, Eindhoven is the home of a great number of start-ups and creative industry companies and hosts many prestigious events, exhibitions and conferences that attract more than 3.500.000 guests per year.

#3 Where the light came from

Eindhoven is also known as the City of the Lights as Philips produced the first incandescent light bulb in Eindhoven back in 1891. The city is now strongly connected with the lighting research and GLOW festival, the light and color festival held every autumn, attracts world famous designers and artists. This results to a great cultural life and the students enjoy a fantastic international creative and colourful atmosphere throughout the year.

#4 The University that makes history

A former CEO of Philips and many more reknowed personalities graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology that lies in the beating technological heart of the Netherlands, Brainport, and is strongly connected with high-tech companies and organisations in the region.

Get in Touch! Study in Eindhoven

Looking forward to studying abroad and becoming part of the Eindhoven University of Technology community? Do you want to do your Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics, Automotive Technology, Big Data Management or Information and Security Technology? Then you should definitely get in touch with the TU/e.

Attend the Online Open Day!

The Study Abroad Portal is here to help you with that! We open the doors of Eindhoven University of Technology to offer you an Open Day that will cost you nothing! It´s a free and open online invitation to attend the interactive 45-min webinar and get thoroughly informed about the BA or MA programme of your choice!
Register to discover more now!

29 November: Bachelor in Industrial Design

30 November: Bachelor in Applied Mathematics

2 December: Master in Information and Security

And so much more!

Do you need a Student Loan or a Scholarship? Then you definitely need to check that: The Netherlands: Student finance options help young people to pay for their studies




A special day to congratulate all those studying abroad!

And for those that are thinking of taking the big step?

Well, this is what we think…

Either you are about to set off your Bachelor’s degree journey, or you are moving on with a Master’s programme, you can feel it, and yes, it’s true: The decision that will take about your studies abroad is of crucial importance for your life. But have you ever thought why is that?

International Student Day

Is it about the stimulating theoretical classes, the practical hands on experience or the exciting team projects? Or could it be about the international university fame, the high-tech equipment of the labs, the excellent quality of the research and the promising career perspectives? The obvious answer is yes, of course! It’s definitely about all of that!


Your very own path

What can be less obvious though, is that the unique rewarding experience that the university will offer you is just the tip of the iceberg. What truly and meaningfully counts is the basis that you are about to build for yourself. It’s about the story that you are going to write and your willingness to surprise yourself by discovering your real nature

The time that you will invest in your studies will be a revealing chapter of your character and your personality. Most of the times very exciting and creative, but sometimes also quite challenging or even frustrating, your university years will tremendously help you to understand who you are, what you are passionate about and how you’ll find the way to make your dreams come true…


The background counts

The setting that your self-transformation will happen has a very important say, as the natural, cultural and intellectual environment we live in has a remarkable impact on our mentality, our self-confidence and the life attitude that we adopt. The country that you’ll choose to study will become your new home and kindly offer you a new set of useful values that can open you the door to completely new perspectives. Every continent, every country, every city can give you something completely different as unique as its history, its nature, its civilisation, its heritage and its culture.


Study in the Netherlands

The welcoming, colorful, enterprising, innovative and inventive Holland is the country that a great majority of the best international high-caliber talented students choose to engrave their own personal story with this trend dramatically increasing in the last ten years. Efficient but entertaining, multicultural but integrated, technological but sustainable, small but amazingly diverse, liberal but incomparably safe, the Netherlands is one of the top science leading countries.

Due to its geographical location, in the heart of Europe, its unique landscape, its very highly educated people and its admirable social care system allows for the Dutch universities to teach you something harder than other educational institutions may offer: Respect of your own personal choices in life.


Eindhoven University of Technology!

If you belong to those ambitious prospective students that demand such a promising achievement, let us introduce you the Eindhoven University of Technology, one of the best ranked univeristies in the Netherlands. Register to our Online Open Days and attend the interactive 45-min sessions to get thoroughly informed about the programme of your choice!



Whatever your passion is, The Study Abroad Portal is here to keep you tuned: Check out the Online Open Days, register and see you there!

So, happy International Student Day to every current or prospective international student! We wish you all the best for a creative future!


The Study Abroad Portal Team

MORE: You need a Stundent Loan to study in the Netherlands? Then, you need to check that: The Netherlands: Student finance options help young people to pay for their studies.

You are planning to study abroad but you are insecure about the financial aspects?

You want to give your daughter or your son the best but you worry about the high expenses?

In both cases,  the Student Finance Plan can give you the answer. 


Study in the NetherlandsStudying abroad is a unique experience that help students grow and develop themselves in many different ways. However, the study abroad challenge could result pretty expensive and this can discourage young people from studying in a foreign country. In order to deal with that and attract more international students to their higher education institutions, some countries offer specially designed Financial Motivation Packages.


The Netherlands is one of those countries. To enable the international students to make their dream come true, the Netherlands offer a unique Student Finance Plan called “Studiefinanciering”, available to all the students that meet the requirements.


What is the Student Finance Plan?

The Student Finance Plan is a loan system that is offered by the Dutch government to students enrolled at universities in the Netherlands and it has four different components:

  1. Basic loan
  2. Student travel product
  3. Supplementary grant
  4. College funds credit
  • The 1) loan, the 2) student travel product, and the 4) college funds credit are available to all the students eligible for the student finance plan.
  • The supplementary grant depends on the income of the student’s parents and provides additional support to students that come from lower income households.

In some cases, the student travel product and the supplementary grant may be given as a gift upon graduation and the students don´t need to pay that back as long as they receive their degree within 10 years. Of course, the basic loan must always be paid back after graduation.

Basic requirements
Study in the Netherlands

Student finance is available for 1. Dutch and other 2. EU/EEA citizens, as well as, for 3. international students with II, III, or IV residence permit that


  • Are under 30 years old.
  • Are enrolled at a full-time Bachelor’s or Master’s programme.
  • Are planning to stay in the Netherlands after graduation.



More scholarship and grant options

Of course, there are more options in order to reduce the cost of living and studying in the Netherlands, including grants and scholarships from universities and other higher education organisations. Eurogates has compiled a handy list to provide more details about more funding options. Interested? Then you can check the Study grants in Holland — Finding scholarships for Dutch institutions page.


The Study Abroad Portal – Online Open Days

To apply for the Student Finance Plan, the students need to be registered at a Dutch University. To help the students and their parents with the critical step of choosing the right course, The Study Abroad Portal offers a series of Online Open Days with prestigious Dutch universities.

During the interactive 45-min sessions, the prospective students and also their parents have the unique opportunity of getting thoroughly informed about the programme content, the future job perspectives, the admission requirements, the accommodation options and any other questions that they´d have.


What’s ON: Eindhoven University of Technology

Starting in November, The Study Abroad Portal presents a great range of webinars with the Eindhoven University of Technology, the top research institution in the technological heart of the Netherlands and all passionate prospective students are warmly invited to join.

Don´t miss your chance! Check out all the webinars with the Eindhoven University of Technology and let the adventure begin right now…

Questions? We are here to support, advise and help you out.




Looking for a change of scenery? Dreaming of a life and a career in Canada?

You are invited to join us online August 31 when Centennial College will talk about their unique opportunities provided to people from all around the world.

Centennial College is the #1 Canadian college choice among international students and one of its main goals is to focus on the employability of the students, taking into consideration the changing global economy.

In the webinar, Centennial College will share with you inspiring stories of previous global students and give you an idea of your own opportunities within education and employment in Canada.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and save the date August 31! Register now:

Choosing what to study after high school is an important first step towards your future professional life. You have to begin thinking about your future career and employability without necessarily knowing exactly which fields of activity you want to work in or which ones correspond to your personal strengths. Study abroad and live an amazing experience while you’re broadening your opportunities!


The Global BBA at Emlyon, in Paris, is a four-year course of study which will allow you to put your future career options in perspective: acquiring the necessary knowledge, developing key skills and learning about yourself in a professional environment. Their goal is to offer you the best opportunities for your personality and potential.

Students who choose to study abroad in Paris at Emlyon share their philosophy of learning and development – it’s all about preparing future entrepreneurs. This means allowing you to achieve your full potential, develop your curiosity and openness to the world, a desire to learn, and willingness to contribute in a responsible way whilst gaining the methods and know-how that will allow you to thrive in professional contexts.

aup-students-having-a-picnic-at-the-eiffel-tower-1447932526The Global BBA is focused on preparing you  for operational management and inspired by the makers philosophy.  The different stages of the course have been designed to gradually widen your horizons, ensuring that you are able to function in an English-speaking environment, gain real experience, including international experience, and participate in careers workshops.

Naturally you will receive plenty of support, taking half of your courses with their permanent teaching staff and the other half with professionals who, as well as ensuring you acquire knowledge and methodology, can offer a personalised approach and help you understand how to put each pedagogical unit of the course into perspective.

If you would like to get more information about the Global BBA at Emlyion directly from the university staff, join our webinar on the 31st of May just by filing the form below: [wufoo username=”thestudyabroadportal” formhash=”r1wgjakb0ylw5sp” autoresize=”true” height=”519″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]

iACADEMY in The Philippines is a private, non-sectarian educational institution located in Makati City in The Philippines. iAcademy is renowned for its speciality course in Business, Computing and Design. The university offers an undergraduate program specializing in BS Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering, BS Animation, BS Game Programming and Design, and BA Multimedia Art as well as undergraduate programs in BA Multimedia Arts and Design and a BA in Fashion Design and Technology.

iACADEMY’s status as the first IBM Center of Execellence (CoE) in the ASEAN region and being an official Microsoft Training Center in The Philippines, make iACADEMY one of the country’s hubs for technology-focused learning. Each undergraduate program offers a 6-month internship program, ensuring that students get relevant education in the field of computing so that they can hit the ground running upon completion of their studies. The university has some of the top university professors to provide the best education as well as the programs that prepare students in the digital manipulation of data and computer-generated imagery to create both practical and attractive interfaces for a wide-range of applications.

Living in The Philippines give students an opportunity to live in a great place and Makati City is the central business district of the Philippines, as it is most popularly known, and it also hosts the top businesses in the country. The leaders of the economic growth in The Philippines are located in the heart of the city. Booming industries have popped up and settled in this district, making Makati famous for leading the country’s economy. Makati has the hippest clubs with parties until the sun comes up at dawn as well as great shopping malls and a relatively cheap cost of life. Students will not be at a loss for exciting things to do as well as having a wide choice of restaurants to eat at, including fine dining and the famous street stalls serving delicious Filipino treats.

If you are interested in studying any of the above undergraduate programs at iAcademy then be sure to sign up for the webinar on the 21st of April 2016. The webinar will be hosted by Renz Fajardo who is the Admissions Manager and Raquel Perez who is the VP for CorpComm. During the webinar you will be learning about the admissions process, the course structure, the internship and the universities procedures. To register for the event just fill out the form below: [wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”zompd7o141klgi” autoresize=”true” height=”585″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]

iACADEMY in The Philippines is a private, non-sectarian educational institution located in Makati City in The Philippines. iAcademy is renowned for its speciality course in Business, Computing and Design. The university offers two undergraduate programs in Business, one majoring in Marketing and Advertising and the other program in Financial Management.

The BS in Marketing and Advertising focuses on the intricacies of creating and managing marketing campaigns and exposes students to marketing principles, trends, strategies, policies, and innovations. Marketing and Advertising Management graduates will be fully equipped with competitive skills and relevant theoretical knowledge in conducting sound and valid market research to develop strategic marketing plans realized through integrated marketing communications campaigns.

The Financial Management program provides students a strong foundation in theory, principles, and concepts, as well as in analytical tools and perspectives towards sound and competitive financial decision-making. iACADEMY trains and makes sure its students learn real time business problems in the real-world of finance at The Philippines Stocks Exchange with which iACADEMY’s Board of Governors has solid connection and working relationships.

Living in The Philippines give students an opportunity to live in a great place and Makati City is the central business district of the Philippines, as it is most popularly known, and it also hosts the top businesses in the country. The leaders of the economic growth in The Philippines are located in the heart of the city. Booming industries have popped up and settled in this district, making Makati famous for leading the country’s economy. Makati has the hippest clubs with parties until the sun comes up at dawn as well as great shopping malls and a relatively cheap cost of life. Students will not be at a loss for exciting things to do as well as having a wide choice of restaurants to eat at, including fine dining and the famous street stalls serving delicious Filipino treats.

If you are interested in studying either the BS Business Administration/Marketing and Advertising or the BS Business Administration /Financial Management at iAcademy then register for the free online webinar that will be held on the 21st of April 2016. During the webinar you will learn all about the admissions process, the course structure, the internship procedures and partners and what life is like as a student in The Philippines. To register for the live event fill out the form below: [wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”z1ouac2x11r5cy1″ autoresize=”true” height=”541″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]

Inholland University is a professional international university that offers a range of undergraduate degrees that are taught in English. The undergraduate degree in Mathematical Engineering is an accredited internationally recognized course offering students electives and modules in both the IT and Mathematical Sciences and learn about big data, algorithms, software engineering, communications, research skills and networking. The course is developed around information and data as these are some of the most important issues facing big businesses and governmental bodies in the world of business.

The Bachelor´s program is four years and in the final year students get the opportunity to carry out an internship in a company affiliated with Inholland University. This will give everyone the chance to put the theory they have learnt during the degree into practice. In fact some of the most cutting edge technologies like graph theory, numerical analysis, data mining, advanced networking (CCNP) and mobile app developments have helped land graduates in some top leading roles within the tech industry. Take a look at the video below to get an idea about what the course has to offer.

So what is life like as a student in The Netherlands? Besides Inholand being one of the most international universities with over 100 nationalities enrolled on its undergraduate and postgraduate programs it has campuses located in different cities throughout The Netherlands. You will have the opportunity to study in The Hague or Diemen. The Netherlands has a reputation as being a multicultural and diverse society and also hold the record for having the tallest people on earth, with the average male being over 6ft.

The careers that ex-students have landed themselves upon completion of the Bachelor´s Degree in Mathematical Engineering include: software developer, data scientist, network engineer, big data engineer, statistical analyst and some students have gone on to start up their own businesses and create innovative start ups in the tech industry. Of course there is also the opportunity to carry on your studies with a Master´s Degree or postgraduate program in the engineering or mathematical fields.

If you are interested in learning more about the BSc in Mathematical Engineering at Inholland University then be sure to sign up for the free live interactive webinar on the 14th of April 2016. The webinar will be hosted by one of the course directors from the university and will answer any questions you may have. You will learn about the career prospects and get practical information about the admission requirements and enrollment procedures. To register for the event fill in the form below: [wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”zd6amhh14jyht5″ autoresize=”true” height=”480″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]