Are you interested in starting a new study abroad? However, do you find you’re not meeting the requirements for a Bachelor study? Then don’t waste any more time and start reading this blog. As this blog will tell you exactly how you will meet your requirements by starting a foundation year program.

What is a foundation year program?

A foundation year program offers you an alternative route into studying at a world-class university. For international students who possibly don’t meet the application requirements, a foundation year is your solution.

A foundation year is to help prep you for your next new study abroad. The program will familiarize you with the ways of learning. As well as being ahead and learning your new culture. A Foundation year program will prep you for your Bachelor studies.

If you’re an international student who doesn’t meet the required level of English for a Bachelor studies, the Foundation program will help you meet your requirements all within one year.

Foundation Year Programs

The University of Pavia, Italy, offers an available foundation year program. For students who are interested in accessing undergraduate degrees at Pavia University as well students who are interested in learning Italian or improving their Italian language skills. This is the perfect program for you.

Pavia University offers two available foundation year programs for the year of 2020-2021:

  • Foundation Year – residential option: you will attend all courses, both Italian and Area Studies courses  in presence in Pavia from October 2020 until June 2021
  • Foundation Year – blended option: you will attend the intensive Italian course online from October 2020 until February 2021; then you will attend in presence in Pavia the Italian language course and the area study preparatory courses from March until June 2021. 

If this hasn’t drawn your attention enough already or if you still wish to find out more. Then there’s a free webinar available on demand now for you to watch. Enjoy!