Bayreuth University

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Bayreuth University is a public research university situated in Bayreuth, Germany. The university has its campus in the southern city of Bayreuth, a coquette town of around 70,000 inhabitants in the scenic northern Bavaria.

Bayreuth University’s curriculum

The University of Bayreuth focuses its efforts massively on research, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the fields of Sciences, Business, Humanities and Engineering. One particularity of this university is that a great deal of its programs use interdisciplinary approaches, blending in multiple fields together (e.g. ‘Philosophy & Economics’).

What are my employment prospects with Bayreuth University?

The University of Bayreuth has earned itself an excellent reputation with regards to employment, both nationally and internationally. Its international visibility of its scholars is undeniable, their research being widely cited and influencing future scientific and technological developments.

‘Did you know’ facts about Bayreuth University

The most notable alumnus from Bayreuth University is U.S. ex-president Barrack Obama’s sister Auma Obama! Also there are zero tuition fees for all students of all levels!


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