Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology (Tu/e) is a Polytechnic university of research and development based in The Netherlands. It is the second of its kind in the country of tulips, having its campus in the magnificent southern-Dutch city of Eindhoven.

Eindhoven University of Technology’s curriculum

Eindhoven University of Technology offers exquisite quality programs in all technical fields, such as Engineering, Computer Science and Environmental Studies. The vast majority of education offered is undergraduate education, however postgraduate options for international graduates are also available.

What are my employment prospects with Eindhoven University of Technology?

Tu/e contributes to the progress of technical sciences and thus the development of technological innovations through advanced quality research. Thus, university alumni not only find work within several months after graduation, but the University even recruits their own graduates for their research and development projects.

‘Did you know’ fact about Eindhoven University of Technology

Tu/e is situated in Eindhoven, the city where Philips in a joint project with Sony developed the first CD in 1979!


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Tu/e contributes to the progress of technical sciences through advanced quality research