Leiden University

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With almost half a millennium of teaching tradition backing up its marvellous heritage, Leiden University is the oldest university in The Netherlands. Located in the heart of Leiden – a picturesque town less than 1 hour away from Amsterdam, Leiden University has the campus just by the Steenshcuur canal in the midpoint of the city.

Leiden University’s curriculum

With over 25,000 students currently enrolled on full-time courses, Leiden University’s main training focus is to turn students into global citizens – the societal problem-resolvers of tomorrow. They achieve that via state of the art courses and programs for all levels, in fields of study such as Humanities, Medicine, Mathematics, Governance and Global Affairs and even Archaeology.

What are my employment prospects with Leiden University?

Apart from being the oldest higher education institution in the country, Leiden University is also the most reputed. With notable alumni such as the former Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix or Armin van Buuren, Leiden University degrees encompass a great deal of academic prestige, helping alumni secure a job in under 6 months after graduation.

‘Did you know’ fact about Leiden University

Leiden University can be found in Leiden, the hometown of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt!

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To turn students into global citizens - the societal problem-resolvers of tomorrow