Trinity College Dublin

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A higher education institution as old as time (almost half of a millennium), Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Ireland. The scenic, Georgian-looking campus is located in the heart of Dublin, less than a mile away from the beautiful esplanade of the famous Liffey River splitting Dublin into two.

Trinity College Dublin’s curriculum

Over the course of time, Trinity College Dublin has managed to establish itself as an elitist European university who selects its students extremely carefully. They could only achieve that status via state of the art courses and research schemes, currently focusing on 3 principal study areas: Health Sciences; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; and Engineering, Mathematics and Science.

What are my employment prospects with Trinity College Dublin?

Trinity College Dublin is among the seven ancient universities of Britain and Ireland, possessing a close tacit relationship with the ‘Ox-bridge’ axis. In other words, alumni graduating each year from Trinity College Dublin carry degrees with invaluable academic ‘weight’, degrees that open countless opportunities for them on the worldwide job market.

‘Did you know’ fact about Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin has graduated over the centuries tens of thousands of bright minds, out of which the most notable would be Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde or Jonathan Swift!

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The oldest university in Ireland